Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Machines Materials Tools Systems Software
VP-9000 3-D SPI
VP-9000 3-D SPI detects and relays data to printer. Multiple inspection switch has three resolutions (e.g., 15µm/7.5µm/5µm) for detailed and high-speed inspection. Automatic warpage compensation; programming in 3 min.; inspection capacity up to 8900mm2/s.
SAMCT34XJ high-speed router
High-Speed Router
SAMCT34XJ high-speed router supports panels up to 400mm x 300mm. Cutting position is automatically adjustable. Easy-teach programming aided by on-board camera. Router bit height can be automatically switched for longer tool life. Repeatability +/-0.01mm.
Seika Machinery
3-D MX3000
Memory Module AOI
3-D MX3000 final vision inspection system has two high-res multi-reflection suppression-enabled sensors; enables accurate, dual-sided final vision inspection. Identifies and rejects multiple reflections caused by shiny and reflective surfaces. Automation-ready.
Others of Note
Microscope Editing Software
Inspectis software 5.0 offers overlay features, including a built-in DXF creator and editor for producing scaled overlay graticules. Creates DXF file from object by optical edge detection; opens existing DXF CAD file, edits, draws patterns, shapes, adds text and overlay on live image; saves in DXF or PNG format and displays as digital graticule on live image. Provides tools for calibration of device magnification.
High-Temp. Die-Attach Epoxy
Master Bond EP17HTS-DA is a one-component, no-mix, electrically conductive die-attach epoxy. Ag-filled system maintains Tg of 140°-150°C. Passes MIL-STD-883J thermal stability requirements at 200°C. Die shear strength is 35-40kg-f at room temp. Meets NASA low outgassing specifications.
Master Bond
Parallel Flash Programmer
SP08 performs fast onboard programming of PCB assemblies. Reduces functional test programming from separate test software and field software iterations to a single step.
Test-OK Systems
Progressive Cavity Pumps
Vortik series have process controls for mass flow control and automated ratio control system for mixing two-component fluids. Include models for dispensing one-component (1K) and two-component (2K) fluids such as conductive epoxies, solder paste and adhesives. Flow rate of 0.2µl per sec.; produce lines narrower than 30µm.
Nordson Asymtek
Highly Viscous Liquid Dispensing
UltimusPlus air pressure fluid dispenser applies various liquids in manual and automated production processes. Comes with high-resolution touch screen to configure dispenser. Full operator lockout of application time, air pressure and vacuum pressure settings reportedly eliminates human variations. Compensates for syringe volume difference.
Nordson EFD
Fast-Curing Silicone Coating
UV Dual Cure 800-505 is a silicone coating with an initial UV cure of 3-5 sec., with secondary moisture cure for shadow areas. Rapid cure builds instant adhesion. Requires no work-in-process racking/staging and reportedly eliminates high-energy ovens. Is a sprayable, solvent-free coating. Dispenses by standard PCB spray coating equipment.
Novagard Solutions