Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Machines Materials Tools Systems Software
SMD Ceramic Fuse
UMT-W is pulse-proof and has time-lag tripping characteristics. Is suitable as fail-safe device in demanding applications. Cuboid shape (5.3mm x 16mm). Comes in five rated currents from 5A to 20A and reaches rated voltages of up to 125V AC and DC, with breaking capacity of up to 1000A.
Schurter Inc.
TF13 series
Back-flip FPC/FFC Connector
TF13 series features 0.4mm pitch, 0.9mm height, and 3mm mounting depth. Actuator is closed and protected before being mounted to PCB. Combined side-catcher, back-flip design provides greater FPC retention force. Side catcher prevents misalignment and ensures correct mating. Prevents solder wicking and flux penetration.
Z-planner Enterprise 2019.2
Stackup Planner
Z-planner Enterprise 2019.2 field-solver-based stackup planning and material selection software is optimized for front-to-back PCB design and signal-integrity flow. Enables design and validation of PCB stackups. Provides interfaces to common PCB layout and SI design flows, and large dielectric materials library.
Others of Note
Dynamic Boundary Scan
XJTAG 3.10 introduces automated method for dealing with design updates that occur on board being tested. Intelligent device-matching algorithm analyzes new netlist and identifies devices with changed reference designators. Copies categorization information to new project and automatically updates all references to them.
Low-CTE Laminate
IS550H is CAF-resistant and comes in 2 to 60 mil (0.05 to 1.5mm) thicknesses. HTE Grade 3 and reverse treat copper foil; copper weight of 0.5 to 2oz. (18 to 70 µm). Tg is 200°C, Td is 400°C, Dk is 4.43, and Df is 0.016. Is for high-power and high-voltage applications.
Grounding Contact Film
PI gold conductive polyimide film has components of gold sheet over foamed gasket, SMD gasket and gold conductive tape, to be applied to smartphones and TVs. Comes in thicknesses of 12.5µm/25µm+. Sputtered seed (Ni/Cu alloy) + copper layer + gold layer: total thickness is 1µm/28µm. Electrical resistivity is 0.01-0.03ohm/sq. in.
Juyoung International
5G Laminate
TerraGreen 400G high-speed, low-loss laminate is halogen-free. Novel resin system is Pb-free-compatible and can be processed using standard PCB equipment and processes. Comes in 2 to 18 mil (0.05 to 0.46mm) thicknesses. Tg is 215°C, Td is 410°C, Dk is 2.9, and Df is 0.0018.
Power Device Verification
Rohm Solution Simulator web simulation tool simultaneously verifies power devices and ICs on 44 different solution circuits. Performs complete circuit verification of power devices and ICs; validates SiC devices and gate driver ICs for driving SiC. Carries out simulations from initial development that involve component selection and individual device verification to system-level verification stage.
Rohm Semiconductor
Lower-Water Direct Metallization
Onyx is for high-reliability and complex PCBs. Is used in horizontal conveyorized equipment or in vertical immersion mode. Can process array of resin materials, including PTFE, polyimide, BT, flex, and epoxy-based resin systems. Is alternative to electroless copper deposition. Reduces water consumption to 4-6 gal./min. Contains no chelator.
RBP Chemical Technology