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PCDF People

Dyconex named Dr. Selcuk Mentese head of quality management.

IPC presented Mike Carano, Bhanu Sood and Udo Welzel with the Dieter Bergman Fellowship award.

Susy Webb in June will lead Design Essentials for PCB Engineers, a two-day workshop covering parts placement, routing, fine-pitch BGAs, fanout, controlling impedance and high-frequency energy, and stack-up and power issues, in Austin, TX.

Frank-Ralf Mayer Headshot
Taiyo America announced Frank-Ralf Mayer as European sales manager. He was a logistics and sourcing consultant with Cronos for 18 years prior to joining Taiyo.
Troy McNulty Headshot
Uyemura named Troy McNulty Midwest technical sales manager in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. He has held technical sales positions with OMG/ MacDermid and was business development manager for Paradigm. He has more than two decades’ experience in research/formulation, sales, and technical service related to electrochemicals.
PCDF Briefs

Celus (formerly Contunity) has announced a €1.7 million seed round that will fuel the company’s ambition to turn simple plans into complex PCB designs in 90% less time.

DSBJ will invest $42 million to expand flexible PCB production for 5G applications.

IPC bestowed its highest corporate honors on two IPC member companies: TTM Technologies and Continental Automotive.

Kyocera and AVX have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Kyocera will acquire all outstanding common shares of AVX.

Leading-edge chipmakers, foundries and EDA companies are pushing into 3nm and beyond, and are encountering a long list of challenges that raise questions about whether the entire system needs to be shrunk onto a chip or into a package.

Mitsubishi says it developed a <3cm-thick high-bandwidth aircraft antenna by incorporating the antenna elements, the RF combiner and the RF-ICs into a single circuit board.

Multicircuits is among the fabricators embracing automation and other Industry 4.0 technologies, having installed three drills that require only a single operator to run simultaneously.

Nano Dimension moved its headquarters for the Americas to Boca Raton, Florida.

Shennan Circuits expects to complete its second-phase development of its Nantong production base in Jiangsu province by the end of March, which will increase annual PCB capacity by 580,000 sq. m.

Trackwise Designs received its first production order for its flexible printed circuit technology, worth about £600,000.

Transistor count trends continue to track with Moore’s law, a new report from IC Insights finds.

Wus now operates three production bases with one each in Kunshan, Shanghai and Huangshi. Its Kunshan plant has an annual capacity of 2.2 million sq. m., and PCBs with over 16-layer counts account for over 50% of the output, mainly for telecommunication equipment applications.