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Ventec Increases Prepreg Capacity in Taiwan

TAIPEI – Ventec International is investing in new prepreg treating capacity at its Taiwan facility to expand its global manufacturing capability, control and supply chain flexibility.

The new treating equipment, which features a specially designed impregnation system, includes multiple independent pipe work and pumping systems that will significantly minimize downtime when switching between resin systems. The upgrade is in line with Ventec’s strategy to offer high-mix, quickturn supply of a range of specialty prepregs and laminates to its global customer base.

“Taiwan is central to our strategy to drive long-term growth and expand our global leadership position,” said Jason Chung, CEO, Ventec. “The investment in Taiwan significantly increases our manufacturing capacity, drives production efficiency and accelerates the delivery of the high reliability materials our customers demand.”

Ventec’s latest manufacturing upgrade is designed for production of thin-core laminates for use in demanding applications such as military, aerospace/space and other high-reliability applications. With a capacity of up to 400,000 meters per month, the new specialist equipment can handle a wide range of glass fabrics, from 1027/1037 to 7628. As such, it significantly ramps Ventec’s global supply capacity directly from Taiwan for VT-901 and VT-90H polyimides as well as the full range of no-flow/low-flow prepregs for rigid-flex applications.

The new treater setup in Taiwan will be equipped with Ventec’s proprietary multiple stage filtration systems on the front-end and 100% AOI for prepreg FOD-control on the back-end.

“The investment in manufacturing capacity at our Taiwan facility is driven by strong growth in demand for our high-reliability solutions manufactured on state-of-the-art machinery,” said Mark Goodwin, COO, EMEA & America. “Combined with our know-how in PCB base material technologies and our strong track record in global supply chain control, the capacity increase and multiple independent pipework design further enhances our capability to switch between resin systems quickly and efficiently. It allows us to offer high-mix quickturn deliveries of a wide range of laminate and prepreg products. The front-end proprietary filtration and back-end AOI ensure we deliver FOD-free materials and can manufacture to meet the requirements of the highest standards, such as IPC-4101 Appendix A for space applications.” (MB)