In Memoriam
A look back at friends and colleagues who left us in 2019.
Joseph Boyd, 98, CEO, Harris Corp.

Gary Burrell, 81, cofounder, Garmin.

Dominick Frank Canace, 87, electromechanical and PCB printed circuit designer with several companies including Tyco Electronics.

Andrew Chase, 55, president and CEO, Sunburst EMS.

Celia Mora Cuadra, 89, PCB assembler, Regitel, Grangers and Lipton Industries.

Carolyn (Puskas) Davis, 76, ex supervisor, Printed Circuit.

Woodie Flowers, Ph.D., 75, robot inventor, co-creator FIRST Robotics.

Tom Gardeski, 75, technical and marketing manager for DuPont, ICI Americas, 3M and Sheldahl; multiple patent holder, chairman of IPC flexible circuit subcommittee.

Robert Gilmartin, 67, founder, Quickdraw Engineering.

Vikram Jandhyala, 47, founder, Nimbic.

Harold Hyman, 91, metallurgist with Alpha Metals HTC, Dynapert, SRT and VJ Electronix.

Mark G. Kassey, 61, former circuit board plater, Circuit Inc.

Darrell J. Lowrance, 80, founder, Lowrance Electronics; developed the first graph recorder and first integrated sonar/GPS unit.

Ed McBain, packaging engineer with Zilog, Harris, Promex and others.

Ralph Morrison, 91, PCD&F contributor and author of more than 12 books on currents and voltage in PCBs.

Michael Mügge, 56, sales engineer, Viscom.

Laurence “Larry” Murphy Jr., 82, salesperson, Alco Electronics.

Mamie L. Robbins, 87, electronics technician, United Technologies.

Betti Mae Sheldon, 89, mechanical engineer and PCB designer, Tektronix.

Ruth R. Spira, co-founder and co-chairwoman, Lutron Electronics.

Thomas Stearns, 86, flex circuit engineer, inventor, author of Flexible Printed Circuitry.

Richard Wilson, 61, editor, Electronics Weekly.

Steven “Willy” Wilson, 67, ex operator, EMD and Benchmark Electronics.

Fish Finder - Lowrance
Fish Finder
Pathfinder - Burrell
Metal Man - Hyman
Metal Man
Packaging Guru - McBain
Packaging Guru
Flexible Thinker - Stearns
Flexible Thinker
EMI Analyst - Jandhyala
EMI analyst