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Off The Shelf
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AI-Driven 3-D AOI
Circuit Weatherproofing
High-Speed Parts Counter
AI-Driven 3-D AOI
AI-Driven 3-D AOI
Alpha comes with hybrid 3-D inspection technology for uniform precision measurement across 3-D measurable range, regardless of PCB density and material characteristics. Reportedly yields superior edge definition and requires less software filtering of raw inspection data. Automatic programming software uses AI-based deep learning methodology to minimize human error.
Circuit Weatherproofing
Circuit Weatherproofing
PRO750 GEN4 coating chamber uniformly deposits Parylene coatings. Proprietary controller remotely monitors and controls critical factors, including temperature, pressure and other essential operating parameters in real-time. For batch or high-volume.
High-Speed Parts Counter
High-Speed Parts Counter
XQuik III has 10 sec. per reel count time. Requires no models, libraries or connection to the cloud. Automatic algorithms recognize components. Unique imaging technology provides count accuracy. Flexible MES interface easily configured to communicate with any inventory control system.
VJ Electronix
Others of Note
Critical Cleaning Swabs
7020/7022, 7250 and 7060 dry swabs have easy-to-grip handles for hard-to-reach areas. Are ISO Class 4-7 compatible and are comprised of various materials, including polyester knit and microfiber foam. Provide particle entrapment for sensitive applications such as medical device manufacturing.
ACL Staticide
Large-Board 3-D AXI
TR7600TL SIII has CT capabilities. Designed for inspection of extra-large board sizes up to 1200mm x 660mm. Reportedly ensures quality inspection, lowering escapes and false calls.
Test Research
Parylene Conformal Coating
SC7130-CC is thinner and sprayable. Withstands extreme testing. Coating thickness is 10-30µm, yet is said to meet performance of 75µm-thick standard acrylic conformal coating in extreme moisture and salt-laden environments. Removable with stripper solvent.
High-Speed Fixture Maker
Toolmaker is a laser-driven, mini CNC machine for developing fixtures. A laser scans an assembled PCB and makes a mirror image in a foam “blank.” Handles panels up to 300mm x 300mm. Resulting fixture supports the board, squeegee and provides a precise planar surface for boards and parts. No CAD data needed; programming is as simple as pressing “Go.” A fully formed fixture takes about 2 hr.
Inspire Solutions
BGA Rework with Vision
ZM-R7220A is said to offer stable and uniform hot air heating. Lower heater adjustable. Carbon fiber IR preheater and precision PID temperature controls. High-definition 1.3Mp CCD camera and optical alignment. Optional side camera.
Seamark ZM
Reflow Flux Management
Aqua Scrub flux management technology comes on Pyramax 125A convection reflow ovens. Is compatible with most known paste and flux types. Flux and solution are automatically contained and packaged for disposal. Mounts to back of oven.