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Off The Shelf
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High-Frequency Measurement
Parts Library Management
3-Light Source LDI
High-Frequency Measurement
High-Frequency Measurement
Micro Prober MP series measurement systems (MP502 and MP502-A) continuously inspect high-frequency characteristics of PCBs. Enable high-speed, high-accuracy inspections of characteristics of actual product patterns when combined with a commercial vector network analyzer. High-precision positioning (+/-20µm).
Yamaha Fine Technologies
Parts Library Management
Parts Library Management
Concord Pro cloud-based software platform is a single, shared library of managed component data said to simplify setup, configuration, use and maintenance of libraries. Offers templated component data authoring – a single, consistent way to define and create component data. Built-in connectivity to Octopart.
3-Light Source LDI
3-Light Source LDI
Ledia 6H offers flexible control enabled by three wavelength light sources for broader coverage of the wavelength regions for exposure, significantly expanding the number of supported resist types. Format reportedly improves productivity up to 100% compared to two wavelength models. Proprietary alignment algorithm compensates for substrate distortion.
Others of Note
High-Temp Solder Mask
Imagecure solder mask is for high-temperature automotive applications. Now withstands thermal cycling test criteria at -40°/+180°C for 1,000 cycles and -40°/+170°C for 2,000 cycles.
Sun Chemical
Test Management Software
PathWave Test 2020 streamlines test data processing and analysis. Provides data sharing and management between platform software tools, including test automation, advanced measurement, signal creation and generation, as well as data analytics. Application-tailored solutions can be developed and deployed to accelerate electronic test workflows and NPI. PathWave Desktop Edition is for launching and managing applications in design and test ecosystem. Can manage instrument discovery and installed design and test software and share data with a common user experience across all design and test software.
Keysight Technologies
Automotive-Qualified MLVs
VLAS series low-clamp TransGuard multilayer varistors are designed to exhibit lower breakdown and clamping voltage to working voltage ratios. Comprised of zinc-oxide-based ceramic semiconductor devices with nonlinear, bidirectional voltage current characteristics similar to those of back-to-back zener diodes, but with greater current and energy handling capabilities and addition of EMI/RFI attenuation. Qualified to AEC-Q200.
Low-Crosstalk Connectors
Strada Whisper R backplane connectors reportedly ensure low crosstalk noise and enable migration path from 56G PAM-4 to 112G PAM-4. Use same mating interface and are backward-compatible with existing Strada Whisper connectors. Come in four-pair configurations and 92Ω impedance for traditional backplane applications. Support 85Ω and 100Ω impedance system requirements.
TE Connectivity
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
GY SMT series conductive polymer-aluminum-electrolytic capacitors come with a rated voltage of 2.0VDC or 2.5VDC and capacitance values of 680µF to 820µF. Low ESR characteristics (3mΩ max.). Withstand +105°C for up to 2,000 hr. RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.
Panasonic Industry Europe
Power Connectors
Multi-Beam Plus connectors provide current per power contact of a max. 140A/contact or 100 A/contact per four adjacent contacts. Scalable and modular design supports greater flexibility in configuration and PCB design. Separated power contacts improve dimension stability.