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Clarity 3D Transient Solver system-level simulation
Cadence Clarity 3D Transient Solver
Clarity 3D Transient Solver system-level simulation solves EMI system design issues up to 10x faster than legacy 3-D field solvers. Parallel matrix solver technology reportedly handles workload levels that previously required anechoic test chambers to test prototypes for EMC compliance. Performs large-scale simulations when designing interconnects for PCBs, IC packages, and SoIC designs within mechanical enclosure.
PathWave advanced design system software
Keysight PathWave 2021
PathWave advanced design system software 2021 now comes with design cloud simulation services. Reduces simulation time, increases simulation test coverage and provides access to scalable hardware resources in the cloud. Can perform compute-intense electromagnetic simulations with on-premise clusters or scalable cloud hardware and tackle large electromagnetic simulations. Runs signal acquisition and measurement in parallel, rather than in series.
Keysight Technologies
MacuSpec VF-TH 300 VF-TH series electroplating used in mSAP HDI manufacturing
MacDermid Alpha MacuSpec VF-TH 300
MacuSpec VF-TH 300 VF-TH series electroplating is for processes used in mSAP HDI manufacturing. Is a single-step pattern plating process for simultaneous copper filling of blind microvias and PTHs, while providing controlled trace profiles in mSAP applications. Electrolytic copper layer is naturally resistant to V-pitting.
MacDermid Alpha
Others of Note
Teledyne LeCroy DDR5 Debug Toolkit
DDR5 Debug Toolkit is for SDA 8 Zi-B and LabMaster 10Zi-A oscilloscopes. Now supports DDR5/LPDDR5 for test, analysis and debug of DDR design cycle. DDR/LPDDR5 JEDEC specifications JESD79-5 and JESD209-5A feature faster rates of up to 6400 Mb/s. Supported design cycle includes automatic read/write burst separation; burst data jitter analysis; eye diagram mask tests; DDR-specific measurement parameters; and integration with HDA-125 high-speed digital analyzer for command bus analysis.
Teledyne LeCroy
Corelis ScanExpress v. 9.8.0
ScanExpress v.9.8.0 boundary scan software includes optional memory test diagnostics with automated analysis. Processor-controlled functional test results are diagnosed down to the net-and-pin level, even on BGAs where physical debug and test access is limited. Processor-specific memory tests include multiple memory standards, including DDR and GDDR.
Ventec Tec-Speed 20.0 VT-870 H348
Tec-Speed 20.0 VT-870 H348 TCR laminate is available in 1/2-oz- and 1oz-thick foil with resistivity values of 25, 50 and 100Ω/sq. Tec-Speed 20.0 glass-reinforced hydrocarbon and ceramic laminate with thin-film resistor material is now available with Ticer TCR NiCr thin-film resistor foil as a service option. For use in aerospace and defense, radar, control circuits, sensor technologies, wireless communications, MEMS microphones/sensors/motors and medical diagnostic applications.
Nippon Mektron MPI FPC
Modified-PI FPC is for high-speed transmission applications in mass production, in addition to liquid crystal polymer base flex circuits. Transmission properties are similar to LCP FPC, with higher resistance to bending and heat. Complies with serial transmission standards like USB4.0 or PCI Express.
Nippon Mektron
Hirose IX60G Cat.6a
IX60G series horizontal mount PCB connector supports space-constrained applications that require Cat.6a Ethernet cabling. Has reduced mounting requirements. Is compliant to IEC PAS 61076-3-124. Offers low-inductance, high EMC resistance and superior EMI shielding to deliver data transmission. Vibration-resistant connector. Comes in upright right angle, horizontal right angle, and vertical mount options.
Ucamco Iamcam
Iamcam is a web-based client/server software for automated PCB frontend workflows. Can be integrated with third-party systems. Compatible with incumbent CAM system.