Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
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Low Outgassing Epoxy
X-Ray Component Counter
Tiny Parts Rework
Low Outgassing Epoxy
Low Outgassing Epoxy
Supreme 121AO is suitable for bonding, sealing and potting. Features a Tg of 200°-210°C; resists temperatures up to 550°F. Less stiff than conventional epoxies that withstand extreme temperatures. Tensile modulus is 750,000 to 850,000psi at room temp., and compressive strength is 26,000 to 28,000psi. NASA approved for low outgassing.
Master Bond
X-Ray Component Counter
X-Ray Component Counter
Assure is for live component inventory management. Is plug-and-play; uses advanced algorithms to identify new components and does not rely on libraries or cloud-only support. One-button operation and intuitive touchscreen UI. Counts components quickly regardless of how full or empty the reel is. Validates results immediately.
Nordson Dage
Tiny Parts Rework
Tiny Parts Rework
JNASE is for rework of 0402, 0201, 01005 and 008004 components. Is designed for HDI boards. Enables flow regulation of temperatures and air at very low levels to avoid expulsion/movement of adjoining components. Pedal-activated pick-and-place.
JBC Tools
Others of Note
Solder Paste Viscometer
PCU-285 spiral viscometer creates, executes and stores measurement programs with or without a PC. Touch panel display. Features compact and enhanced heating unit, making it easier to put inside or take out sample; simplifies cleaning. Temperature control and viscosity measurement have been improved in stability and speed.
Seika Machinery
‘Easy-Rinse’ Stencil Cleaner
Kyzen E5631 is formulated to clean flux and uncured adhesives from stencils and misprints. Is diluted and used in all stencil cleaning processes, including spray-in-air and ultrasonic processes, as well as in printer as under-stencil wipe solution. Cleans all widely used assembly materials. Reportedly rinses easily and completely. Formulated to operate at low concentrations (<25%).
Single-head Soldering Robot
TMT-R8000S soldering robot is designed for simplified soldering applications. Includes vision/mapping and dynamic laser height control. Incorporates same IP software used on benchtop system.
‘Any Cure’ Gap Filler
GF400 is a two-part, liquid silicone-based gap filler that can be cured at room temperature or with heat. Following cure, forms a low modulus elastomer said to prevent “pump-out phenomenon,” for minimal degradation of effective heat dissipation. Operating temp. range of -50° to +200°C. Low viscosity.
Fast-Setup Programming Software
NexTeach Pro software for PSV7000 automated programming system reportedly reduces job setup time up to 4x and increases production throughput up to 24%. Delivers one-touch teaching with up to 10x better accuracy and increases overall handler performance. Automates XYZR measurements and coordinates with single button. Optimizes handler settings by package type.
Data I/O
3-D Inline AOI
ALD8720S delivers shadow-free 3-D height measurement of solder joints and components, fast inspection, 100% board coverage, high detectability, low false call rate, auto-programming, debug-free powerful OCR, IPC-based defect judgement criteria and other features. Standard configuration includes reading barcodes with camera, SPC and verification software installed on system, support for central server and library, and support for offline programming and rework stations.