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AI-Driven 3-D AOI
Master Bond
Saki Corp.
AI-Driven 3-D AOI
Closed-Loop Conformal Coating
Panorama S-Line modular conformal coating line performs automated conformal coating in smaller footprint with overlapping line processes. Delivers a single point of contact for support and maintenance needs, process improvements, and smart solutions; range of equipment options; minimal operator interaction; closed-loop controls, parameter limits, and inspection; process data; stability and consistency. Includes conformal coater, exhaust conveyor or IR-cure, inspection module, curing module, and dryer.
Nordson Asymtek
Master Bond
2-Part Epoxy
Master Bond EP29LPTCHT low-viscosity epoxy compound is for underfill and encapsulation applications. Does not need excessive heat for curing and has long working life at room temp. Is electrically insulative and thermally conductive with fine particle size filler material. Forms bond lines from 5 to 15µm.
Master Bond
Saki Corp.
High-Power AXI
3Xi-M200 3D-CT inspects and measures insulated gate bipolar transistor power modules. 200keV high-precision x-ray imaging and 3-D reconstruction uses planar CT; provides clear images by penetrating through heat sink’s multiple layers. Is equipped with detector that enables high-sensitivity imaging, while expanding field of view and updated 3D-CT reconstruction processing software. Handles board sizes of 50 x 140mm to 360 x 330mm. For 360 x 510mm boards, two-step image capture is available.
Saki Corp.
Others of Note
Halogen-Free Solder Paste
SB6N58-HF350 is categorized as ROL0 per J-STD-004B. Sn3.5Ag0.5Bi6.0In composition is said to retain same level of joint reliability, viscosity stability, and meltability as conventional solder paste of same alloy. Thermal cycling testing (-40º/150ºC) indicated no cracks at joint after 1,500 cycles. Melting point is 217º-219ºC. For automotive, transportation and heavy-load applications.
Modular Digital Camera
C12s uses same large sensor unit as C12, delivering images with auto-focus and 12x zoom. Mounts to any Inspectis stands; uses all available lighting and lens accessories. Tilt stands and x-y tables can be added. Minimizes image glare and reflection of solder joints on PCB assemblies.
Inspectis AB
Auto-Shut-Off Vacuum
Adjust-A-Vac Auto-Shut-Off ESD-Safe Kit has Buna-N static dissipative non-marking vacuum. Vacuum tweezer kit has auto-shut-off feature. Comes with ESD-safe Delrin small part tips and ESD-safe vacuum tips.
Virtual Industries
Low-Maintenance Dispense Valves
Material Application Valves are for the PrecisionCoat line of spray coating and dispense systems. Deliver material handling in modular configuration. Spray valve design integrates optional custom spacers between air cap and valve body to increase or decrease gap between air cap and nozzle. Are designed to eliminate unnecessary parts and associated routine valve maintenance and cleaning. Valve mounting grips and locks valve in place with one screw.
Specialty Coating Systems
High-Rel Conformal Coating
Elpeguard SL 1800 FLZ has thermal shock resistance from -65° to +125°C over 1,000 cycles. Can be used at high and low temperatures, for higher reliability of parts exposed to moisture. Can be soldered through in case of repair or removed with a dedicated thinner. Achieve crosslinking of silicone-contaminated surfaces.
Lackwerke Peters
Materials Analysis Tool
Vision Mark-1 performs electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Reportedly can identify residues on an assembly, predict residue corrosivity, correlate it to SIR, and verify solder paste consistency and fitness for use. Uses localized extraction to collect a sample of the residue to test. Determines corrosion current and compares to control limits within one minute.