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6 Series B mixed signal oscilloscope
Tektronix 6 Series B
6 series B mixed signal oscilloscope extends performance to 10GHz and 50GS/sec. Offers signal fidelity with 12-bit ADCs and low noise, 10GHz bandwidth and up to 8 FlexChannel inputs. Contributes less than 51.1µV of noise at 1mV/div and 1GHz and less than 1.39mV of noise at 50 mV/div and 10GHz. Bandwidth is more than 2GHz with 4, 6 or 8 channels. Built-in digital down converters behind every channel enable multi-channel spectrum analysis.
SelectiveRider soldering pallet
ECD SelectiveRider
SelectiveRider soldering process measurement pallet performs automated verification for wave, reflow and selective processes. Validates three phases of selective soldering: fluxing, pre-heating and soldering. Verifies flux location and accuracy; confirms dispense X/Y positional precision; IDs blocked or unprimed spray heads; verifies dot size, and more.
Four models of AR series environmental stress chambers
Espec AR Series
Four new models of AR series environmental stress chambers are capable of precise control over a temp. range of -70° to +180°C (with optional support for up to 200°C) and a humidity range of 10% to 98%RH. Air temp. can be raised or lowered at rate of 10°C per min. or 15°C per min. during testing between -40° and +125°C. with or without humidity control. Comply with IEC international standards and LV 124. Stable control possible for 95°C/98%RH and other high-temp., high-humidity tests.
Others of Note
Master Bond EP42HT-4AOMed Black
EP42HT-4AOMed Black two-part epoxy created for medical device manufacturing is biocompatible and non-cytotoxic, passing USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 certifications. Withstands aggressive chemical sterilants, radiation and repeated cycles of autoclaving. Offers cryogenic serviceability and heat resistance with service temp. range from 4K to 400°F. Room temp. curable.
Master Bond
Delo Dualbond GE4918
Dualbond GE4918 light- and humidity-curing sealant for connectors for vehicle control units or sensors. Reportedly offers pin sealing properties, increases connector life and permits efficient production. Adheres to mercaptan coating and connector housing materials PA and PBT. Temp. resistance up to +150°C.
Electrolube ER6006, ER7006
ER6006 and ER7006 Bio epoxy resins provide good flow characteristics for potting of difficult and complex geometries. ER6006 is two-part high thermally conductive epoxy encapsulation resin primarily developed for encapsulation of LED driver units. Offers high chemical resistance and protection in a range of environments. Cures in 1 hr. at 100°C, 3 hr. at 60°C or 24 hr. at room temp.
Thermo Fisher Axia ChemiSEM
Axia ChemiSEM scanning electron microscope includes always-on EDS analysis. New auto-alignment and auto-focus technology lowers need for training. Chamber and stage design aids in investigation of samples of all shapes and sizes, including samples up to 10kg. Offers instant quantitative elemental information without additional setup or switching between UIs. Large, flexible chamber accommodates samples traditionally considered too heavy for investigations involving electron microscopy.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Humiseal Vivid Cure UV6041, UV7041
Vivid Cure UV6041 and UV7041 liquid, optically clear adhesives (LOCA) provide enhanced optical properties and improved durability of optical devices and displays. Are formulated for wireless communications, automotive displays, medical devices, and aerospace and avionic controls. Properties include low shrinkage, superior and variable light transmission properties, resistance to discoloration, and resistance to both thermal and mechanical damage. Cured to final properties using UVA or visible light. 100% VOC-free.
Shenmao SMEF-Z3 Flux
SMEF-Z3 joint-enhanced flux is designed for fine-pitch assembly and LED die attach. Is compatible with solder paste. Can be applied after solder paste printing and cured simultaneously during reflow process. Can be used for pin-transfer and stencil printing processes.