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Hirose TF43SW Flex Connector
TF43SW series hybrid flexible printed circuit/flat flexible connector has power contacts capable of handling 12A and 0.5A signal contacts. Is 1.2mm high with 4mm mounting depth. For use with FPC/FFC standard thickness of 0.3mm (+/-0.03mm). Has 66 contacts with 0.5mm pitch and length of 47.88mm. Retention tabs prevent unintended actuator separation.
KiCad 5.1.12 EDA Software
KiCad 5.1.12 contains bug fixes and other minor improvements. Fixed bugs since 5.1.10 can be found on KiCad 5.1.11 milestone page. Is made from 5.1 branch with cherry-picked changes from development branch. Packages for Windows, macOS, and Linux available or will be soon.
Technic TechniPad IS 7070
TechniPad IS 7070 nitrate-free immersion silver, for 5G applications, replaces silver nitrate with silver complex. Process provides controlled deposition of thin, pore-free silver without aggressive copper attack. Is half thickness of nitrate-based immersion silver.
Rohm LTR100L Shunt Resistors
LTR100L series have power of 4W in 3264 size (3.2mm x 6.4mm)/1225 size (0.12″ x 0.25″) by revising resistor materials and applying terminal temp. derating. For current detection in motor control and overcurrent protection circuits for industrial and consumer applications. Come in 10mΩ, 47mΩ, and 91mΩ versions.
Rohm Semiconductor
Ucamco FaultStation v2021.09 ET Software
FaultStation v2021.09 electrical test software loads new error code types and assists in diagnosing faults. Provides improved views for assistance in fault-finding process. Upgrades include Test-point view windows; handling of new error types produced by ATG and Gardien machines; support for L and M log files and barcodes.
Vishay IHVR-4025JZ-3Z Vertical-Mount Inductor
IHVR-4025JZ-3Z comes in 10.25mm x 6.4mm x 10mm 4025 case size. Optimizes inductance and minimizes DCR for increased efficiency in DC/DC converters. Offers temp. operation up to +155°C for computer, server, telecom, and industrial applications. Uses airflow while reportedly enabling 50% lower DCR down to 0.130mΩ and higher rated current up to 112A.