Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Machines Materials Tools Systems Software
SIR Reliability Tester
OE-200 SIR electrical test tool measures reliability per IPC J-STD-001G, amend. 1 in real-time on shop floor. Plug-and-play design tests reliability as needed and compares to historical test data. Real-time analytics and reporting. Works in conjunction with an environmental temperature-humidity chamber.
Easy-Clean Paste Retainer
PLX-PR-DT paste retainer, gen. 4, incorporates new features and functions for SMT printing. Provides adjustability, up-down positions and left-right positions. Enables users to loosen and remove paste retainer for cleaning during product changeover. Features parallel leaf spring configuration, with a soft spring load in z direction that permits paste retainer to ride close to stencil or in contact with stencil without causing damage to or coining of foil.
Transition Automation
Zenith Alpha 3-D AOI collects, analyzes and manages data in real-time to dynamically formulate a multifaced view of assembly process. Provides reliable 3-D measurement. Supports KSMART factory optimization software suite, which integrates process management by linking SPI and AOI to production results. Automatically creates inspection programs 70% faster than before.
Koh Young
Others of Note
Fluid Dispenser
Forte series handles applications such as flex circuit and PCB assembly, electromechanical assembly, MEMS, underfill, precise coating, and encapsulation. Stable chassis and new electrical and mechanical architectures. Delivers units per hour gain of 20-50% higher productivity. Dual-valve-ready.
Nordson Asymtek
Ball-Bumping Flux
NC 256 enables wetting of solders for wafer-ball bumping and other ball bumping, such as CSP, BGA, flip chip and PoP. Reportedly no contamination during reflow on solder ball or neighboring components. Can be screen- or stencil-printed or dispensed on lands or dipped on solder ball of components. Underfill-compatible. For mass reflow or rework.
Yincae Advanced Materials
Tabletop Placement System
Fineplacer Lambda 2 placement and assembly system places and connects components with accuracy of better than 0.5μm. Reportedly ideal for optoelectronics. In conjunction with optical systems with optical resolutions down to 0.7μm, it enables superimposed images of high optical quality for reliable detection and alignment of finest structures in micron range. Table is manual and partially motorized.
Dual-Lane Printer
DEK TQ stencil/screen printer has high-speed dual-lane capability. Has linear drives, off-belt printing, and innovative transport and clamping systems. Features optional auto-coplanarity. Reportedly can operate up to 10 hr. without an assist.
ASM Assembly Systems
2-Part Bonding Epoxy
Supreme 112 is a two-part epoxy for bonding, sealing, potting, and impregnation applications. Is heat-curable with a viscosity of 50-200cps and an open time of 2-3 days at room temp. for a 100gm batch. Features a Tg of 190°-195°C. Serviceable up to 288°C (550°F). Retains electrical insulation properties at elevated temp.
Master Bond
Robots with Vision
iVY2 Scara, cartesian, orbital, single-, and multi-axis robots connect directly to RCX340 robot controller. Simplify setup, accelerate performance and now have vision. Support up to 5Mp cameras for high-resolution imaging for fast and stable workpiece detection. Wizard-assisted auto-calibration and easy three-step workpiece registration eliminate laborious setup tasks.