Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Machines Materials Tools Systems Software
Internet-Enabled ECAD
eCADSTAR is an internet-connected PCB design platform. Combines 2-D/3-D electronic design with inbuilt internet capabilities and predictive tool tips and prompts. Provides borderless electronic design environment that connects engineering with online services that streamline global design review and manufacturing processes. Searches online component vendor libraries, requests quotes and purchases parts from within design tool.
FEA/CFD Analysis
Celsius Thermal Solver combines finite element analysis for solid structures with CFD for fluids to enable complete system analysis in a single tool. In conjunction with technology for PCB and IC packaging, combines electrical and thermal analysis and simulates flow of electricity and heat for system-level thermal simulation. Performs static (steady-state) and dynamic (transient) electrical-thermal co-simulations based on actual flow of electrical power in advanced 3-D structures, providing visibility into real-world system behavior.
Altium Designer 20 features new “push and shove” capabilities that enable routing of complex HDI boards and speed design times over 20%. New advanced routing enables efficient design of high-density and high-speed boards that utilize DDR3/4/5, 100GB ethernet and SerDes PCIe 4.0/5.0. Leverages ActiveBOM capabilities, including supplier search, BoM rule checking, and live part choices for multi-board assemblies. Exports 3-D PDF files of the multi-board assembly.
Others of Note
RF/Microwave EDA TOOL
NI AWR design environment software v. 14.04 includes over 50 enhancements. APLAC harmonic balance simulation of BSIMSOI model has been improved, as have geometry simplification rules, including enhancements to shape preprocessing engine, improved SPP of 3-D electromagnetic structures, and improved performance speed of SPP layout operations. Productivity enhancements include faster alphabetical sorting of library artwork cells and improvements to user interface to facilitate selection of multiple netlists for simultaneous import.
National Instruments
3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
RSA3000E comes in 1.5GHz and 3GHz models with available tracking generators and performs real-time analysis for entry-level users. Comes standard with 10MHz of real-time analysis bandwidth with seamless capture and a 9.3ms 100% POI. Seven rich visualization modes. Resolution bandwidth is standard at 1Hz, noise floor as low as -161dBm, phase noise of -102dBc/Hz, and a full span sweep as fast as 1ms.
Rigol Technologies
High-Throwing Power Acid Cu
MacuSpec HT 300 DC acid copper is for metallization of through-holes of 15:1 aspect ratio boards at production volumes. Reportedly offers micro-distribution at high current densities, while avoiding capital expense of pulse plating rectifiers. Is for through-hole plating, conformal blind via plating, and pattern plating applications. Analyzable by CVS and common analytical tools.
MacDermid Alpha Electronics
Multilayer Press
X-Press maintains +/-1° control over temp. for every multilayer. Has ramp-up temp. rates up to 20°C/min. Cool-down temp. rates between 0.5° and 5°C/min. Applies up to 60 bar of pressure. Applies temp. of up to 450°C. Applies vacuum of less than 10 mbar. Can process between 1 and 50 multilayer panels at once.
EMI Insulator
EtherNet/IP IO-Link master block insulates against inductive, conductive and capacitive noise produced by EMI. Reduces capacitive noise with thick profile that raises PCB away from backplane. Nonconductive PPS housing separates grounding plate.
Metallic Oxide Removal
VersaPrep cleans and microetches metallic substrates. Removes metallic oxides and provides micro-roughened surface to enhance dry film adhesion. Deoxidizes and microetches copper, copper alloys, stainless steel, aluminum and Inconel. Can be used in spray or immersion mode. Wet titration analysis helps maintain consistent operating performance. Operating temperatures can be adjusted depending on metal or metals to be processed.
RBP Chemical Technology