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IPC to US Labor Dept.: Qualifications for SREs ‘Not Sufficiently Defined’
BANNOCKBURN, IL IPC submitted comments in late August to the US Department of Labor concerning its proposal to establish a process for recognizing standards recognition entities, which in turn would recognize industry-recognized apprenticeship programs.

In the statement, the trade group said it welcomes the administration’s focus on workforce development. IPC’s investments in education and training programs are centered on a goal of creating one million new skilled workforce opportunities over the next five years. As part of its efforts, the association plans to introduce new earn-and-learn programs.

IPC said the private sector is best-suited to identify occupational skills workers need to succeed. However, it added, the qualifications for SREs are not sufficiently defined to ensure the most appropriate entities will be given that role. IPC recommends the standards-setting entities be limited to well-established, industry-recognized associations or non-profits.

IPC also calls for apprenticeship programs that require learners to acquire portable, competency-based, industry-recognized credentials, not just certificates of completion.

The DOL proposes to recognize standards-setting entities only in sectors that lack significant registered apprenticeship opportunities today. IPC is concerned about the exclusion of any industries from the program, which could result in uneven incentives and results. – CD