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Loomia, Eastprint Team on Soft Circuit Systems
SAN FRANCISCO A maker of patented soft circuit systems and a veteran OEM of printed electronics systems have signed an agreement to manufacture soft circuit systems at scale. The collaboration will enable sensor, lighting and heating integrations, according to the companies.

Loomia has raised more than $1.7 million and is ready to scale its technology. The firm has two patents and has completed three years of research.

PE OEM Eastprint’s facilities in Massachusetts and Mexico will be set up to produce Loomia technology.

The firms have conducted trial runs of a non-ink-based soft circuit production system this past year and produced a heating system certified by the Federal Communications Commission.

“From automotive to apparel, our soft circuit systems can be used when standard PCBs aren’t up to the task, bringing heating, lighting and sensing to car seats, medical apparel and outdoor gear,” Loomia says.

“E-textiles (soft circuits) are predicted to be a $2 billion market in the next decade but lack the supply chain and manufacturability to reach that potential. We believe our Loomia Electronic Layer technology is a solution to this problem.” – CD