Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
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Conformal Coating Cleaner
Conformal Coating Cleaner
Elpespec R 5888 cleaning agent dissolves and removes conformal coatings from product carriers, tools and fixations. Suitable for dipping processes in ultrasonic bath. Selective application with mechanical support or spray processes is also possible. Contaminated carriers can be left in cleaning agent overnight. Is water-soluble and biodegradable. Comes as concentrate.
Lackwerke Peters
2-Syringe Dispensing
2-Syringe Dispensing
Dual syringe dispenser is designed for dispensing 50ml dual syringes. Can accommodate 50ml side-by-side syringes in ratios 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. Includes secure attachment adaptor. Pulsed air pressure operation. Multi-configurable robot integration bracket allows semiautomated use.
X-Ray Component Counter
X-Ray Component Counter
AXC-800 III manages parts inventory by starting counts automatically after reels are placed in system and door is closed. Counts four 7″ reels in 23 sec. or one 13″-15″ reel in 16 sec. Features internal barcode scanner and reel removal sensor for automatic label printing.
Others of Note
Field Depth Imaging
Focus stacking with UHD (4K) imaging combines multiple images taken at different focus depths for greater depth of field. Can stack from 6 to 22 images at different focus planes to create one image with a large depth of field. For boards with large discrete components, connectors and other mechanical assemblies. Two focus stacking modes: auto and manual.
N2 Piston Soldering
SWF-KL piston soldering module carries out piston soldering process under nitrogen, including fully automated changing of soldering tip. Is speed-controlled with 100% traceability. Integrated nitrogen gas supply. Intelligent sensors inform operator when wire is tending toward the end in feeder.
Compact Laser Fume Extractor
LAS 200.1 is a compact mobile system with a new filtration concept that reportedly increases pollutant separation efficiency. Pre-filter package includes filter mat and panel filter; enables longer filter life. Coarse and fine dust filter increases H14 main filter’s durability. HEPA filter is offered in combination with an adsorption filter to increase main filter’s separation rate up to >99,995%. Can be equipped with additional filter modules.
Low-Spatter Solder Wire
TipSave N flux-cored solder wire reportedly extends soldering iron tip life 3x. Paired with (032) no-clean, halogen-free cored-flux, it provides fast wetting and low spattering. Is a good match for hand soldering, as well as continuous robotic soldering; reduces required soldering tip changeovers.
Nihon Superior Co.
Thermal Imaging Camera
LC-IRP01, a diagnostic tool for PCBs, displays heat images to identify damaged or malfunctioning components or short circuits. Microscope contains two imagers: one for visible wavelengths and one for infrared heat images. Images can be combined on PC display to identify problem areas. Searches for missing, incorrect or charred components, bad solder joints, and solder bridges.
Union Repair /
Desktop Reflow Oven
IN6 desktop-type reflow oven provides constant temperature, thanks to dynamic warming-up control system. Built-in solder smoke filtering system. Has six top and bottom heating zones. Stabilizes temperature within +0.2ºC. TUV CE certified.
Neoden USA