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Off The Shelf
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White Gloss Solder Mask
White Gloss Solder Mask
TechniMask ISR1000F/900G liquid photo-definable mask is for LED applications. Offers high-rated reflectance value; exhibits little to no discoloration after multiple reflow applications. Reportedly eliminates pink/violet discoloration after reflow. Operates with standard exposure and UV/LED direct imagers.
Additive Manufacturing System
Additive Manufacturing System
DragonFly Lights-Out Digital Manufacturing prints multilayer PCBs, antennas, capacitors and sensors. Is capable of 24/7, uninterrupted production of prototypes and low-volume manufacturing. Has new printer head software management algorithms. Automatic self-cleaning of print heads every few hours. Real-time automatic material monitoring.
Nano Dimension
Automotive Flex Connector
Automotive Flex Connector
CFI features a unique metal terminal connection structure for direct connection between an automotive flexible circuit and the board. Eliminates wire harnesses; permits use of fewer components. Double-clip contact structure resists vibration and is compatible with LED lights and BMSs. Inertial lock structure prevents incomplete engagement for reliability. Rated 2.0 A/pin max. Voltage: 50V DC. Ambient temperature: -40° to +125°C. Contact resistance: 20mΩ max. (initial). Insulation resistance: 100MΩ min.
Others of Note
Power Circuit Caps
SVPT surface mount-type OS-CON conductive polymer-aluminum-solid capacitors come with a rated voltage of 2.5VDC, 6.3VDC and 16VDC. Capacitance values of 100µF up to 560µF and ESR characteristics of 15-24mΩ max. Withstand +105°C for up to 20 hr. For use in power circuits in servers, base stations, as well as smart meters or other power management systems. Excellent noise-reduction capability and frequency characteristics. RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.
Panasonic Industry Europe
High-Speed (400Gbps) Connectors
Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density (QSFP-DD) connectors, cages and cable assemblies reach speeds up to 400Gbps. Have eight lanes. Are designed for 28G NRZ and 56G PAM-4 protocols. Backward-compatible. Include 1 x 1 through 1 x 6 cages and SMT connectors on 0.8mm pitch.
TE Connectivity
Processing Equipment Cleaner
Equipment Cleaner IV removes water hardness residues, photoresist scum and metal salt deposits. Reportedly causes no damage to metal or plastic parts. Is odorless. Is useful for spray equipment. Can be used in stainless steel, titanium and polypropylene equipment.
RBP Chemical Technology
Sliver Straddle-Mount Connectors
Sliver straddle-mount connectors for SFF-TA-1002 support faceplate-pluggable open compute project NIC 3.0. Designed to be useful for OCP NIC 3.0 cards in a low profile for ease of system maintenance and improved thermal management. Support high speeds through PCIe Gen 5, with a roadmap to 112G. High-density, 0.6mm pitch connectors support next-gen silicon PCIe lane counts.
TE Connectivity
Thermoplastic Part Sealing
PostPro3DColor and PostPro3DMini machines are designed to smooth thermoplastic 3-D printed parts. Blast is a physio-chemical performance- and aesthetic-enhancing process that smooths thermoplastic 3-D printed parts with complex internal cavities; seals surface of parts being processed, removing porosity and sealing them against liquid or gas ingress. PostPro3DColor adds color to 3-D printed parts in a single step without water.
Additive Manufacturing Technologies
EMI Filter Inductors
HM66M shielded, miniature low-profile SMD inductors are for high-frequency power conversion systems and EMI filter applications. Power inductance optimized within frequency range from 700kHz to 4MHz. Designed for switching frequencies up to 4MHz and operating temperatures at 125°C.
TT Electronics