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PCD&F People

TTM Technologies named Cathie Gridley senior vice president and president of the Aerospace and Defense/Specialty business unit.

Z Axis named Taylor Fowler electronics design engineer and promoted Cathy Snow and Elizabeth Bennett to the engineering documentation team.

PCD&F Briefs

Brigitflex installed an Excellon 154L vision drilling/routing system.

Cicor installed an MK Instruments ESI CapStone laser drill.

Dynamic Electronics told the Taoyuan government it will cut 85% of its PCB workforce in October.

ESI is on the hunt for a new headquarters in Beaverton, OR.

MKS Instruments announced a multi-system order from a leading Chinese flex PCB manufacturer for the ESI CapStone laser drill.

Molex opened a state-of-the-art optical R&D facility in New Jersey.

Subaru is creating control systems for hybrid electric vehicles using Ansys embedded software.

Taiwanese firms are slashing investments in China and upping their spend at home. Government data revealed 123 Taiwanese entities have been approved to make a total of more than $18 billion in new investments in Taiwan this year, while only one Taiwanese electronics company has indicated plans to expand on the mainland.

Zuken has set a three-year growth target of 6.1% annually, reaching 32 billion yen ($302.6 million) by fiscal 2022. Zuken also completed its Vitech acquisition, which had approval of the US Department of Defense and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US.