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Off The Shelf
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Easy Arm 1 and 2
1µm Fume Extraction
Easy Arm 1 and 2 supply a three-stage filter system to clean process air. Pre-filter (class F7) captures particles larger than 1µm size. In combined filter (class H13), micro-particles smaller than 1µm are bound, and activated carbon neutralizes harmful gases. Connect to Ersa soldering stations and rework systems.
Kurtz Ersa
SMT Reel Barcode Decoder
AccuID produces a unique reel ID barcode label for each SMT component reel. Benchtop system has simple UI; operator places reel in system and scan begins automatically. Camera decodes all barcodes on reel in about 2 sec.; sends required data to database based on prefix on each label. Omni-directional decoding.
Metal Stencil Opening Inspection
SCI-MCC (mask condition checker) checks stencil cleanliness and inspects solder residue and particle deposits after cleaning. Inspects all openings in a specified area. Each mask can be traced by registered control number. Preregistration of Gerber data not required.
Seika Machinery
Others of Note
Die Attach Adhesive
Monopox EG2596 die attach adhesive offers high strength after aging. For use on PCBs to fix components and as electrical insulation. Temperature-resistant and dispensable by jet valves and needles. Drop sizes to below 250µm.
pH Neutral Defluxing
Vigon NX 700 can be used in inline and batch cleaning systems. Is said to offer superior defluxing performance on PCB assemblies, especially under low-profile components. Removes a range of flux residues and is compatible with a variety of sensitive materials. Qualifies as a low-VOC product with applied VOC concentrations below 25g/L.
8-Zone Convection Reflow
GoReflow-plus has eight heating zones and active heated area of 2,980mm. Solders in ambient atmospheres and with local nitrogen inertion in peak area. High volume of circulated process gas, generated with axial fans and slot nozzles, ensures homogeneous heat distribution over transport width at simultaneously moderate gas velocities; good heat transfer rate is realized, allowing set temperatures of oven at low level. Three-stage cooling area.
Pb-Free Hybrid Flux
EO-Y-014 for wave and selective soldering contains organic, halogen-free activating additives and a small amount of synthetic resin. Meets temp. requirements of lead and Pb-free soldering. Alcoholic additives stabilize and improve drying times compared to conventional water or partial water fluxes.
Emil Otto
Halide-Free Ag-Free Solder Paste
Jean-151 SN100CV ROL0 paste is silver-free and maintains fatigue strength of solder joint during aging processes at higher temp. loads. Bismuth (1.5%) aids long-term reliability. Highly printable.
Balver Zinn
Feeder Software Plugin
RCX320/340 software plugin eases integration of Asyril Asycube intelligent parts feeder and lets feeder take advantage of RCXiVY2+ high-speed, high-res vision system. Scara or cartesian robots compatible with RCX320 or RCX340 controller can rely on Asycube to sort and orient bulk components.
Yamaha Motor Europe FA