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Off The Shelf
Machines Materials Tools Systems Software
Digital Storage Oscilloscope
TBS1000C has 7″ WVGA color display with up to 1GS/s sample rate and bandwidths from 50MHz to 200MHz. Software provides tips and hints throughout UI. Designed for quick hands-on learning and easy operation. Dedicated front panel controls.
High Capacitance MLCC
GRM022R60G105M has a capacitance value of 1.0µF in 01005″ size. Measures 0.4 x 0.2mm; has rated voltage of 4Vdc. Reportedly has 35% footprint reduction and 50% decrease in volume ratio compared to previous products with same capacitance value; delivers capacity more than twice that of similarly sized products
ProVision 2020
Test Development Tool
ProVision 2020 simplifies testing processes through reliable and repeatable tests with high fault coverage. Includes DfT tools for initial design assessment and auto test generators. Structural and functional testing can be combined with high-speed device ISP. Test and programming applications can be reused.
JTAG Technologies
Others of Note
High Capacitance Tantalum Caps
F98-AJ6 series have max. heights of 1mm and 0.8±0.1mm and feature facedown under-tab terminations for high volumetric efficiency and high assembly densities. 0603 size is rated for 4.7µF/10V, 4.7µF/16V, and 10µF/10V and 0805 rated for 10µF/16V at 85°C with a ±20% capacitance tolerance at 120Hz. Rated for operating temp. from -55° to +125°C.
SMT Connectors
SFP-DD I/O interconnects are new double-density cages and surface mount connectors. Offer two-channel data transmission, helping data center systems enable doubled port density with faster data transfer rates. Provide data rates up to 28G NRZ and 56G PAM-4 protocols.
TE Connectivity
3-D EM Simulation Software
XFdtd now addresses 5G millimeter wave antenna designs, including support for high-performance tuners and singularity correction. Includes enhancements to PCB import, allowing documentation layers of a PCB to be imported alongside geometry. Lumped circuit components specified in ODB++ and BRD files are also imported.
High-Voltage Caps
Tantalum Stack Polymer O 7360-43 surface mount capacitor is for high-voltage power management and high ripple current applications that require a small form factor, stable performance, and long operational lifespan. Also comes in 82µF/75V-rated voltage extension in polymer hermetically sealed.
High-Speed Cable Assembly
NearStack 100 Ohm and NearStack 85 Ohm reduce insertion loss and improve signal integrity. Optimize SI channel performance with direct linkage, bypassing board traces and use of lower loss materials. Remove re-timers and other active components from high-speed channels and reduce numbers of high-speed layers.
Shop Floor Data Analysis
InShop Industry 4.0 software provides analysis of data from across production floor to monitor operations and detect anomalies in near real-time. Improves manufacturing operational KPIs. By leveraging data collected from various machines on shop floor, including process parameters, machine utilization, and scrap data, software identifies anomalies and trends.
Frontline PCB Solutions