Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Machines Materials Tools Systems Software
Horizontal Wet Processing
Polygon PLB horizontal production equipment line is for multilayer, rigid-flex and HDI panel processing. Wet-in-wet, inline, desmear and electroless copper production line has advanced fluid delivery system, reduces consumption rates for chemistry and water, and an operator-friendly design. Comes with Securiganth and Printoganth product series.
S-Parameter Loss Analysis
Si9000e now comes with LA9000 S-parameter loss analysis options and new Monte Carlo analysis option. Updates bidirectional copy/paste interface between Speedstack and Si9000e. Has improved support for loss tangent (Ref TanD). Causal modeling now extended to copper losses.
Polar Instruments
Wire-to-Board Connector
DF51 series 2.0mm pitch connector has a lock that provides a clear tactile click and secures a reliable connection. Dual side-lock design prevents socket lift due to vibration or cable wrenching. Crimp connector comes in straight, right-angle, inline connection, and single- or dual-row. Single-row versions are offered in two to six positions, while the double row comes in four to 30 positions. Operating temp. -40° to +105°C.
Others of Note
Power Microwave Laminate
TC350 Plus ceramic-filled PTFE-based woven glass reinforced composite materials have thermal conductivity of 1.24W/mK. Advanced filler system enables improved mechanical drilling performance. Offered with smooth (Rq= 1.0µm) ED copper foil cladding to reduce insertion loss and RF heating of conductors. Thicknesses of 0.010″ to 0.060″. Z-axis CTE of 38ppm/°C, loss tangent of 0.0017 at 10GHz, moisture absorption of 0.05%, dielectric strength of 650V/mil. UL 94 V-0.
Rogers Corp.
Circuit Simulation Suite
PathWave Design 2020 accelerates design workflows for RF and microwave, 5G, and automotive design engineers. Includes new releases of PathWave ADS 2020, GoldenGate 2020, SystemVue 2020, and Genesys 2020. Includes libraries, customized simulators, and automation improvements. Integrates circuit design, EM simulation, layout capabilities, and system-level modeling. Integrated EM simulators for RF and power electronics.
Semiaqueous Photoresist Stripper
LDI Strip 77 is for stripping very fine-line and high-density boards. Produces particles 2 mils in diameter and smaller. Provides resist removal with standard dry film and LDI dry film. Additive package protects metal surfaces against corrosion, including copper and tin. Enables ease of inspection at outerlayer AOI.
RBP Chemical Technology
Automated Design Review
Valor NPI 11.0 DfM software automates design reviews where PCB technology and manufacturing processes are employed. Adds assembly DfM checks to new process flow. Results simplify execution of DfM application and integrate DfM into Xpedition software layout application. Scales process to access DfM results on demand. Works with all major PCB layout tools.
‘Easy-Assembly’ Connectors
1.25mm pitch SlimStack floating board-to-board connectors are designed to prevent fretting corrosion. High vibration resistance. Spring design increases contact reliability. Wide floating range in three different directions reduces PWB gap and facilitates assembly, even in misalignment and blind joining situations. Include improved contact design and soft floating force. Have 10 circuits, a 125V voltage rating, a 1.0A current rating and 10-cycle durability.
Stretchable FPC
Stretchable flexible printed circuits offer elasticity; replace polyimide used in existing FPCs with elastic substrate. Can be stretched repeatedly and are heat-resistant, permitting components to be solder-mounted. Circuit conductor incorporates same copper wiring as existing FPCs, but wiring method is designed to allow it to work with stretchable substrate. Copper wiring minimizes variations in conductor resistance due to FPC expansion or contraction, permitting use of FPC as a sensor.
OKI Electric Cable
Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Machines Materials Tools Systems Software
‘Toolless Change’ Tips
Active RT soldering tips for WX soldering stations comply with IPC standards. MS versions are Mil-Spec-compliant. Boomerang handle permits precise handling and has ergonomic and secure grip. Patented tip/handle unit enables toolless tip change.
Weller Tools
Digital Megohmmeter
#880 static control instrument is for use in electrostatic protected areas (EPA) for testing static dissipative surfaces. Is said to be accurate and dependable for point-to-point (RTT) and resistance-to-ground (RTG) compliance verification and qualification assessments. Results are shown in numeric value within 10e3 to 10e12Ω. Applies 10V and 100V manually or automatically.
ACL Staticide
Orbital SCARA Robots
YK-XG and YK-TW robots contain advanced features for efficient movement and long-term accuracy. By placing the tip-rotation axis directly in line with the speed-reducing gear, leveraging a specially designed hollow motor, the YK-XG beltless drive permits fast R-axis rotation with large offset loads that require traditional belt-driven robots to decelerate. Latest models feature x-y axis speeds of 7.6m/s.
Yamaha Factory Automation
Others of Note
IoT Device Handler
SentriX enables the secure provision and personalization of IoT devices using NXP EdgeLock SE050 secure element. EdgeLock SE050, along with SentriX-enabled provisioning as-a-service, offers combination of hardware-based security robustness, design flexibility and manufacturing production ease of use. Is for prototypes through high-volume production. Plug-and-Trust features permit implementation of high-performance security for sensing and control, secure connections to multiple cloud services, and offer integrity protection for IoT platforms.
Data I/O
Automated Assembly Platform
Microfactories combine software, machine learning, computer vision, and adaptive robotics into an automation platform for assembly and inspection. Leverage AI and cloud-based architecture. Comprised of cloud-based software for design, simulation, and deployment of configuration and instructions used to set up and run physical production assembly lines, including factory applications that intelligently monitor, track and manage the line, robotic cells, and more.
Bright Machines
Conformal Coating Cleaner
Atron DC removes conformal coating from pallets, fixtures and tools. Removes acrylics, urethanes and epoxies. Water-based, pH-neutral formula improves worker safety. Is suitable for use in most maintenance cleaning equipment, including dip tank and ultrasonic machines.
2-Part Potting Compound
EP21TP-2NV is a two-part epoxy polysulfide formulated for use as an adhesive, sealant and potting system. Withstands prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals. RoHS compliant. Elongation between 40-80% at room temp. Tensile strength of 3,000-4,000psi.
Master Bond
LED Placement Machine
MC-LEDV6 LED pick-and-place machine is capable of speeds up to 30,000cph. Handles 4-ft. long boards in single pass. Has fly-over vision, six placement heads and newly designed x-axis linear drive mechanism. Also places connectors and other parts up to 20mm x 18mm.
Fast-Processing Epoxy
Delo-Duopox DB8989 light fixation two-component epoxy resin provides fast process speed. In a couple of seconds, light fixation secures components. After an irradiation time of 5 sec. at an intensity of 1000mW/cm², fixing strength of 1N/mm2 is achieved. Final curing, including shadowed areas, is done at room temp. or via heat curing at 80°C for 60 min. Storage life 12 mo.
Delo Industrial Adhesives