KiCad 8.0 ECAD

KiCad 8.0 features hundreds of bug fixes, performance improvements and other smaller changes since KiCad 7. Includes improvements to the official KiCad libraries, expanded support for importing data from other tools, new possibilities for data export, improvements to the command-line interface, improvements to documentation and other smaller changes. Also features numerous improvements to schematics and symbols, including new UI panels for properties, net navigation and search, as well as a new BOM exporter. Simulation improvements include a simulator UI overhaul and new features, and PCB and footprints improvements include multiple footprint dragging, interactive length tuning patterns, a 3-D viewer UI overhaul and other smaller changes.




Kyocera AVX 9159-600 Series Connectors

9159-600 dual-row inverted through-board card edge connectors feature staggered contacts that enable four to 12 positions. Features a BeCu contact system that provides full 2.5A per contact current rating and low-profile (2.85mm above-board) through-board design supports applications with minimal height constraints on the mating side of PCB and doesn’t interfere with LEDs. Staggered contact configuration prevents shorting and contact damage when inserting and removing mating PCBs, and is approved to UL1977 safety standards. Is for 1.6mm-thick mating PCBs with gold-plated pads and rated for 2.5A per contact, 300VAC, 10 mating cycles, and operating temperatures extending from -40° to +125°C. Features white, glass-filled, high-temperature, UL94 V-0 nylon insulators equipped with 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 contacts, gold plating on the nose, and lead-free matte tin plating on the tails.

Kyocera AVX



Kyocera AVX AEK Series Capacitors

AEK series of wet aluminum V-chip electrolytic capacitors are designed for industrial, commercial DC/DC and energy storage applications with high-density PCBs and qualified to commercial endurance levels. Available in 12 different case sizes spanning 0608 to 1216 and offers capacitance values and voltage ratings spanning 1-1,000µF and 6.3-400VDC. Selection of 66 part numbers is suited for a range of applications. Supplied with pure tin terminations on 13″ or 15″ reels compatible with automated assembly equipment and support reflow assembly, and are RoHS-compliant and lead-free compatible.

Kyocera AVX



Kyocera AVX TransGuard Varistors

TransGuard Automotive Series load dump varistors feature higher peak current ratings than the rest of the series (2,000A), which make them more effective for reliable protection against high-energy automotive load dump transients. For use in internal combustion engine, hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, including commercial vehicles, and are suited for CAN, LIN, and FLEXRAY modules, sensors and induction motors. Are compact and lightweight, rated for operating temperatures extending from -55° to +125°C with no derating, and compliant with JASO D001 1994 and ISO 7637-2-2004 standards for protection against transient surges in the automotive industry. Are RoHS-compliant, lead-free compatible and free of any other substances of very high concern (SVHCs).

Kyocera AVX



TDK MHQ1005075HA Automotive Inductors

MHQ1005075HA series of inductors are designed for automotive high-frequency circuits. Feature high-frequency properties equal or superior to conventional products from the perspective of fail-safe design, such as an internal structure designed to reduce chances of an open failure due to cracks in the mount points of the component. Meet AEC-Q200 standards, come in 1005 size (1.0 × 0.5 × 0.7mm), and feature inductance ranges from 1.0nH to 56nH.




ViE Technologies VisionXpert Smart Code Readers

VisionXpert smart code readers offer all-in-one solution tailored for dynamic needs and challenging environments. Feature high-speed and high-accuracy code image acquisition, a compact design that adapts to various mounting environments, and are engineered for resilience and reliability in industrial applications. Deep learning code reading algorithm enhances speed and accuracy for a range of applications.

ViE Technologies



Vishay 80V Dual Mosfet

SiZF4800LDT 80V symmetric dual n-channel power Mosfet combines high and low side TrenchFET Gen IV Mosfets in a single 3.3 x 3.3mm PowerPAIR 3x3FS package. Can be used in place of two discrete devices typically specified in the PowerPAK 1212 package, saving 50% board space, and provides space-saving solution for synchronous buck converters, point of load (POL) converters, and half- and full-bridge power stages for DC/DC converters in radio base stations, industrial motor drives, welding equipment and power tools. Offers on-resistance down to 18.5mΩ typical at 4.5V and 54% lower thermal resistance compared to competing Mosfets. Features continuous drain current of 36A, 38% higher than competing devices. Unique pin configuration simplifies PCB layout and supports shortened switching loops to minimize parasitic inductance. Is 100% Rg- and UIS-tested, RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.

Vishay Intertechnology


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Delo Medical-Grade Adhesive

MONOPOX MG372 medical-grade adhesive is for assembly of biosensors, including ECG/EKG electrodes. Is one-component, solvent-free and humidity-resistant, and features a Young’s modulus of 160MPa. Features a glass transition temperature of -52°C and takes 10 minutes to fully cure at 90°C. Also features a viscosity of 30,000mPa·s and can be easily applied via needle dispensing.

Delo Industrial Adhesives



Göpel MultiEyeS Plus AOI

MultiEyeS Plus AOI now features an intelligent assistance function for THT placement. Features a 47MP image acquisition unit equipped with a flexible LED lighting system to provide very high image quality and detail resolution with an inspection area of up to 650 x 550mm. Verifies presence, position and color of THT components, reads labeled or laser-edged 2-D codes and barcodes, and recognizes text. Integrates a powerful laser projection into the AOI module for the assistance function, which makes it possible to intuitively support manual placement by displaying placement information directly in operator’s field of vision, and displays faults detected during placement directly on the PCB.

Göpel Electronic



Hitachi High-Tech LS9300AD Wafer Inspection

LS9300AD inspects the front and backside of non-patterned wafer surfaces for particles and defects. In addition to the conventional dark-field laser scattering detection of foreign material and defects, is equipped with a new DIC (differential interference contrast) inspection function that enables detection of irregular defects, even shallow, low aspect microscopic defects. Has wafer edge grip method and rotating stage currently used in conventional products to enable front and backside wafer inspection. Is said to reduce inspection costs and improve yield for semiconductor wafers and semiconductor device manufacturers by providing high-sensitivity and high-throughput detection of low-aspect microscopic defects.

Hitachi High-Tech



Kitov v. 2.7 Inspection Software

Kitov’s inspection platform version 2.7 includes upgrades for an enhanced user experience and expanded functionality. Features multiple components designed to enable smart inspection processes, including improved AI Trainer that permits operators without specialized expertise to rapidly gather and label defect data. Also features improvements to Planner Tool, including a more accessible interface, equipped with intuitive icons, tool tips, contextual menus and versatile features like an undo function for reversing unintended actions. Also includes improvements to CAD2SCAN functionality, including an expanded range of quality tests that can be applied to a CAD model, enhancing its ability to detect missing components; mark part edges, patterns and surfaces, and more. Workcell Configurator has also been updated to permit 70% quicker configuration and validation of robotic workcell hardware through a straightforward and intuitive user interface.




Master Bond UV15RCL Epoxy

UV15RCL epoxy is a low-viscosity, cationic type UV curing system with a special color changing feature. Features a red material that changes to clear once exposed to UV light, indicating that there is UV light access across the adhesive material. Cures under UV light in around 30-60 sec. with a broad-spectrum UV lamp emitting light with a wavelength range between 320-365nm and a minimum required energy of 20-40mW per cm2. Features a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 90°-95°C and when post-cured for 1-2 hr. at 125°C, Tg can increase to 125°-130°C. Has a service temperature range from -80° to +350°F, cures tack free and has a very low viscosity of 115-350cps, making it ideal for spin coating. Is not oxygen inhibited and provides light transmission properties and good optical clarity, with a refractive index of 1.517. Is also said to be an excellent electrical insulator with a volume resistivity exceeding 1014ohm-cm.

Master Bond



SnapChip AI Copilot

AI Copilot for electronic component sourcing uses advanced AI algorithms to streamline the sourcing process. Is said to speed improvements in component sourcing tasks: researching parts is now 50 times faster, finding the best quotes is 10 times faster, and identifying alternates is 100 times faster than traditional methods. Combines real time data from OctoPart with parametric data on +1 billion components from Silicon Expert, and uses GPT4 from OpenAI to deliver access to information retrieval and analytics.




Syensqo Swyft-Ply Composites

Swyft-Ply composite materials are designed to enhance design options for the electronic and smart devices market. Are said to leverage the benefits of composites such as weight reduction and strength to enable new form factors that are thinner and provide more design flexibility and freedom. Offers the ability to select important material features such as dielectric performance, thermal characteristics as well as UL94 flammability requirements. Are based on multiple polymer resin types and reinforcements, available in various material formats, and have been formulated to maximize processing efficiencies through fast curing, controlled flow and extended storage conditions.




Transition Automation Slim-Line 38 Squeegee Holder

Slim-Line 38 squeegee holder now incorporates a magnetic locking system that replaces circular magnets with rectangular magnets, and a flux spreader shim has been added to help distribute the magnetic locking forces more evenly across the blade body and improves the blade change process by providing a smooth polished corrosion-free surface that easily receives and guides the blade to its reference pins.

Transition Automation



ULT 400.1 Series Air Extractors

400.1 series of air extractors is a set of energy efficient, modular and extremely low-noise extraction and filtration solutions. Includes various extraction systems for the removal of laser fume (LAS 400.1), soldering fume (LRA 400.1), odors, gases, and vapors (ACD 400.1), as well as dust and smoke (ASD 400.1), with at least two specialized filter configurations available for each area of application. Can be used mobile and stationary in a variety of manufacturing and machining processes. Features a unique filter inflow concept said to achieve a very high absorption capacity of the filter, plus an EC double blower (electronically commutated motor) with which volume flows of up to 600m³/h can be achieved while simultaneously maintaining a high negative pressure of up to a maximum of 9,800Pa. Also features sound insulation that enables a low noise level.




Yamaha YRi-V AOI

YRi-V 3-D AOI now features faster board handling, multicomponent alignment checking and enhanced LED coplanarity measurement. Includes stopperless transfer system to brake and stabilize each board electronically after entering the machine, cutting the time to position the assembly ready for inspection. Also includes new multicomponent alignment check that simplifies programming to measure the distances between arrayed parts such as LED emitters in automotive or general lighting, and upgraded height measurement system uses a blue laser to ensure accurate and repeatable height assessment for components that are difficult to capture with standard equipment, such as transparent LED packages. Can now be equipped with 25MP top-camera system, which significantly expands the inspection area that can be imaged at one time.

Yamaha Robotics SMT Section


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