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PCEA Announces Upcoming Technical Webinars

PEACHTREE CITY, GA – Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCEA) will hold three member webinars in the coming months on PCB materials, PCB thermal management and the impact of artificial intelligence on electronics.

On Dec. 13, Tony Senese and Eriko Yamato of Panasonic will present PCB Material Properties – Consideration for Design and Manufacturing. Engineers use PCB material product charts to reference electrical, mechanical and thermal properties to seek the best solutions for specific applications. It is important to understand the significance of a given property and how it affects PCB design and manufacturing. This presentation will cover key material properties such as Tg and modulus to guide how they can impact PCB design and processing. The presenters will also discuss IPC test methods and why they matter. 

On Jan. 17, Doug Brooks and Dr. Johannes Adam will present Via and Trace Currents and Temperatures. Rather than thinking of current density, the presenters say, focus on material parameters and properties that determine the temperature of a trace and how these are calculated. Results of some simulations of vias of varying widths and amps will be shown.

And on Jan. 23, a special panel will debate AI in Electronics. Artificial intelligence has made its way into ECAD and other software used in electronics manufacturing. But what’s the actual intelligence in these tools? And in what ways – and how soon – can we expect them to impact our roles? CTOs and related domain experts from a handful of ECAD companies will offer a snapshot of where we are, what’s feasible, and the forecasted timeline for implementation.

Tony Senese
Eriko Yamato
Doug Brooks

All webinars will include time for audience questions. To register, visit https://pcea.net/events.

PCEA member webinars are free for all PCEA members. Join as an individual member for free at https://pcea.net/pcea-membership. Article ending bug