Kisters 3DViewStation

3DViewStation has two new enhancements with 3D Heatmaps and Curvature Analysis. Offers new and extended heat map analysis functions, which are visualized in the style of a thermal image with individually customizable color codes, and allows setting minimum and maximum values, reversing colors, or changing from continuous colors to bands. Curvature analysis can be used in combination with the undercut calculation to provide accurate analysis in identifying critical points in order to reliably calculate the manufacturing build of the mold accordingly.




Kyocera AVX HP Series Thin-Film Filters

HP series of miniature high-pass thin-film filters are designed to provide high-frequency performance in a variety of space constrained microwave and RF applications. Are based on proven multilayer integrated thin-film technology that enables the quick adjustment of RF parameters and development of custom filters. Are said to exhibit reliable and repeatable high-frequency performance as well as low insertion losses, extremely sharp roll-off values, and steep attenuation. Also exhibit high temperature stability and lot-to-lot and part-to-part consistency and feature a rugged, miniature, and low-profile construction optimized for automated assembly. Are rated for operating frequencies spanning 1.0GHz to 5.15GHz and operating temperatures extending from -40° to +85°C and have a characteristic impedance of 50Ω.

HP0805 high-pass thin-film filters currently offer five part numbers optimized for 2.70, 2.80, 2.90, 3.00, and 5.15GHz performance, with cases measuring 2.03 x 1.55 x 0.8mm (±0.1mm), and featuring a 3W continuous power rating.

HP2816 thin-film high-pass filters measure 7.0 (±0.3) x 4.0 (±0.2) x 1.2mm max. and are rated at 15W.

Kyocera AVX



Signal Hound SP145 Spectrum Analyzer

SP145 spectrum analyzer is specialized for accurate remote spectrum monitoring and analysis in a portable, durable format. Features 200GHz/sec sweep speed, 40MHz streaming bandwidth, and -160dBm displayed noise average. Also includes an internal GPS to add a critical dimension of spectrum analysis when out in the field and is USB-C powered for fast and accurate RF data acquisition in a continuously changing environment.

Signal Hound



Ucamco Jayda PCB Quoting Tool

Jayda software uses AI technology to process PCB layout data for fast, accurate quotations. Incorporates dynamic graphics into the web user interface to enhance quoting process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. Progressively gathers results and significantly boosts quote-to-order conversion rate.

Ucamco NV



Ucamco LeVina Direct Imager

LeVina direct imager combines imaging heads equipped with Screen’s proprietary GLVTM optical engine and laser control technologies. Is specifically designed for mass production and enables direct imaging of substrates at 2/2μm L/S resolution. Reported throughput is 100 substrates per hour with L/S of 5/5μm. Multi-head system and stage capable of moving at up to 480mm/sec. Alignment marks are read during scanning, for high speed regardless of the number of marks in the scanning direction (can also be automated). Light source uses laser diodes to reduce operating costs. Sources of particle generation have been blocked and system is equipped with airflow control technologies to reduce internal contamination, helping to improve yields.

Ucamco NV



Unitech UC-250M-CV PCB Cleaner

UC-250M-CV PCB cleaner offers three-stage cleaning process. Comprises vacuum brush, sticky roller, and ionized air knife, working in harmony to eliminate dust or debris from the PCB surface.




Vishay STH Wet Tantalum Capacitors

STH series wet tantalum capacitors feature hermetic glass-to-metal seals. Are said to provide advantages of Vishay’s SuperTan extended series devices while offering a higher reliability design for improved military H-level shock (500g) and vibration (sine: 80g; random: 54g) capabilities and increased thermal shock up to 300 cycles. Optimized for energy storage in power supplies, actuators, transponders, and radio, radar, and missile systems, in addition to oil drilling and underwater equipment. Feature high capacitances from 470μF to 1500μF in the D case code and capacitance tolerances of ±20% standard at 120Hz and +25°C, with tolerances of ±10% available. Operate over a temperature range of -55° to +85°C, to +125°C with voltage derating, and provide low ESR down to 0.50Ω at 120Hz and + 25°C. Feature standard tin/lead terminations with RoHS-compliant 100% tin terminations available.

Vishay Intertechnology


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Europlacer ii-P7 Screen Printer

ii-P7 printer introduces a range of productivity enhancements that include a maintenance-free printhead offering active closed-loop squeegee pressure and zero squeegee calibration. Accommodates stencil sizes from 584mm to 736mm (23 to 29”) without an adaptor, reducing setup and changeover times in high-mix assembly environments. print cycle time performance in standard mode is shortened by 25% compared to Europlacer’s EP710 printer and is reduced by more than 50% with special motor technology available as an option. Also features an underside component clearance of 30mm, improved cover support ergonomics and a 22” touchscreen monitor. Runs upgraded Europlacer OS (iiPS) software that delivers step-and-repeat functions for inspection, dispensing and label placement processes, improved processing of low-contrast fiducials as well as a faster commissioning procedure. Also introduces enhancements to the underscreen cleaning process including an external solvent tank and an optional single-pass wet-dry-vacuum under screen cleaner. Fully re-engineered printhead deploys new EuroGlide contoured premium squeegee blades that provide integrated paste containment and easy blade swap and setup, and has IPC-CFX and Hermes-compliant protocols built in, along with remote machine status monitoring and predictive consumable replenishment functions fitted as standard.




Ikeuchi Dry Fog Humidity Control System

Humidity control systems effectively mitigate static electricity issues in surface-mount technology processes while also significantly reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs. Use “Dry Fog” technology generated by specialized spray nozzles, which consists of ultrafine water droplets, each measuring 10μm or less in diameter, that don’t burst upon contact with objects; instead, they bounce off, keeping products and equipment completely dry. Ensure an optimal humidity environment, even in spacious manufacturing facilities, preventing problems arising from dryness and static electricity in the SMT processes.




ITW EAE Edison II ACT Stencil Printer

Edison II ACT stencil printer is integrated with automated changeover technology that is fast and consistent with reduced operator requirement resulting in error-free changeover, and increased yield and throughput. Is said to be the industry’s most accurate printer on the market with advanced technology needed for ultra-fine pitch and micro aperture printing processes, for advanced semiconductor stencil printing applications. Has a proven print process capability greater than 2Cpk for 0201 metric components. Features a built-in ±8μm machine alignment and ±15μm wet print accuracy (≥2Cpk @ 6σ). Has a transfer efficiency that exceeds requirements for the smallest apertures and features a single high precision load-cell with closed-loop pressure control and motor driven system to enable precise and consistent squeegee force control across the entire print stroke in both directions. Innovative machine design achieves ultra-tight coplanarity between stencil and substrate, enabling yield improvement for ultra-thin stencil printing.




ITW EAE Electrovert Heavy Duty Conveyor

Electrovert Heavy Duty Conveyor is designed to handle loads of up to 91kg (200lb.) while maintaining the benefits of a single continuous conveyor. Titanium universal V/L fingers with a choice of 3mm or 6mm L, along with precision linear bearing support cross shafts and fine-pitch screw shafts are robust and provide excellent parallelism for the conveyor. High-strength hard-coat anodized aluminum extrusion used in the rail and tunnel support structure are said to be field-proven in demanding production environments for its durability and stability.




Jaro JARO-343 Dielectric Coating

JARO-343 dielectric coating isolates up to 2,000V of power. Resists most chemicals for short time exposure, and is designed for coating printed circuit boards – particularly heat sink assemblies. Helps distribute heat throughout the entire coated surface and comes in thicknesses ranging from 1 to 6 mils that can be applied in one coat and it meets MIL-E-5272. Coating is said to not peel or blister when exposed for 240 hr. at 50°C and 96% relative humidity and is opaque to offer hiding power, dimple-free curing and edge coverage.




Keysight i3070 High-Density ICT

i3070 Series 7i automated inline in-circuit tester offers increased capacity and throughput to meet the complex test demands of larger node count PCBAs. Provides an automated testing process that substantially reduces overall test time and increases capacity up to 5760 nodes on a slim inline footprint to meet complex testing requirements and enable the processing of larger panels. Enhanced Shorts Test algorithm consisting of two phases – a detection phase and an isolation phase – makes testing procedure 50% faster compared to traditional methods. Enables testing of supercapacitors up to 100 farads through an available integration solution that eliminates the need for individual fixture electronics, and resolves issues often associated with long-wire fixturing, like noise that affects test stability.

Keysight Technologies



Master Bond MasterSil 711Med RTV Silicone

MasterSil 711Med is a one-part, flowable, room-temperature vulcanizing silicone that needs no mixing and can be used for bonding, sealing, coating and form-in-place gasketing applications. Passes ISO 10993-5 testing and withstands many sterilization methods, including liquid sterilants, gamma radiation and EtO. Cures very quickly upon exposure to humidity or moisture, with curing speed influenced by the humidity level. Tack-free time at 75°F and over 50% humidity is 2-5 min. Once cured, delivers high temperature resistance up to 400°F. Is electrically insulative, with a volume resistivity greater than 1014 ohm-cm at room temperature. Features superior flexibility and is able to withstand thermal cycling, vibration and shock, with an elongation measuring between 300-400%. Also features Shore A hardness of 25-35. Bonds to a variety of substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, many plastics and cured silicone rubber.

Master Bond



Mycronic MYPro A40 Placement Machine

MYPro A40 pick-and-place platform increases top placement speeds by 48% while handling a significantly wider range of component types and sizes. Features high-speed MX7 mounthead technology, which places components up to six times larger than previous high-speed heads. Also features a top speed of 59,000cph, compared to 40,000cph for the MYPro MY300DX. Integrates seven independent placement nozzles steered by 14 individual Z and theta motors, and an advanced motion control system that updates at a rate of 80,000 times per second to ensure control and speed by optimizing every movement across up to 224 interchangeable feeder positions and 640x510mm board placement area. Enables placement of components as large as 45×45×15mm or 150×40×15mm and as small as 0.4×0.2mm (01005). Also features a newly designed graphical user interface to simplify both training and pick-and-place operations for even novice operators.




PVA PathMaster X Software

PathMaster X programming software, for Direct Series Delta dispensers. Features gaming-style machine pendant and modern touchscreen monitor for intuitive control over dispenser, and eliminate need to toggle between software and controller. Features enhanced offline programming, allowing programming from anywhere, at any time. Amplifies programming through intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, and custom overlays for nozzle size and pattern width offer further flexibility and precision. Combines features and functions of PVA Portal and PathMaster into a single application, which allows control of all machine functions and programs in one place and accommodates a variety of applications, from conformal coating to dispensing and custom processes.




Sayaka CT34XJ PCB Router

CT34XJ router offers a host of features that significantly enhance the PCB routing process. Functions inline and offline. Comes with an interface for robot integration, slide table for rapid loading and unloading of PCBs, and easy programming facilitated by a color CCD camera. Key features include broken/slip bit detection, extended bit life with automatic bit position control, repeatability within ±0.01mm and minimal maintenance requirements, automatic QR code reading and program uploading, automatic fiducial marks reading, and optional automatic router bit changer.



Seika Machinery



ViTrox V9i ARV XL

V9i ARV XL features a six-axis cobot design to enable adjustable angle inspections up to 90° and accommodates PCB dimensions up to 840mm x 620mm. Novel learning algorithm detects a wide range of conformal coating defects and also performs comprehensive inspections for screw, cosmetic, connector, and label defects in final assembly, all achieved without needing CAD information. Is engineered with multi-focal vision capabilities, allowing inspections spanning from 5mm to 200 mm resulting in high-resolution images with clarity down to 14μm/px. Can also be integrated into production line for inline operation using SMEMA connection and can be placed for offline applications with existing conveyor. Offers extended inspection capabilities with two configuration options: the V95i, featuring a rotator function, and the V97i, equipped with a flipped conveyor.



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