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Technical Conference Program Set for PCB East 2023

PEACHTREE CITY, GA – The PCEA Conferences Task Group on Jan. 20 announced the technical program for PCB East 2023, featuring more than 60 hours of in-depth electronics engineering training.

Lee Ritchey, Rick Hartley, Susy Webb and Dan Beeker are among the headliners of this year’s show. The conference will be held May 9 to 12 at the Boxboro Hotel and Conference Center in Boxborough, MA. It features classes for every level of experience, from novice to expert. 

The scope of classes ranges from basics on design engineering and circuit grounding, to EMS, power delivery systems, board stackup, RF and flex circuit design and fabrication, thermal management, and materials selection.

New courses this year include how to modularize IoT designs and build systems for the future, PCB cost drivers, differential pair design, and layout strategies for heat management, among others.

“Last year’s conference underscored the need to bring technical experts to the doors of the New England electronics industry, which is burgeoning with blue chip OEMs and startups alike,” said Mike Buetow, conference director, PCB East. “This year’s event matches the leading experts in printed circuit design engineering and manufacturing with the subjects that matter most to those creating electronics equipment.”

Registration is now open for both the technical conference and the exhibition at pcbeast.com.

Registrants who sign up by April 7 can take advantage of the Early Bird Special discounts for the conference.

The program was developed by the PCEA Conferences Task Group from nearly 60 abstracts submitted. The task group is made up of nine industry veterans with more than 270 years of cumulative experience in the printed circuit industry.

An exhibition featuring more than 50 leading suppliers to the electronics design and manufacturing industry will be held May 10. Article ending bug