Amphenol RF Automate Type A Mini-Fakra Connectors

Automate Type A Mini-Fakra series now includes single and dual-port right-angle connectors, along with straight and right-angle configurations for the existing quad-port version. Offers RF performance up to 9GHz and features color-coded housing to prevent mismating. Manufactured from zinc alloy with a matte tin finish and gold-plated copper-nickel alloy contact. Mechanically keyed for foolproof installation and designed with a secondary locking mechanism to ensure secure mating. Supports data transmission rates up to 20Gbps. Engineered to provide space savings of up to 80% compared with traditional Fakra connectors, and are impact resistant and have notably low engagement forces.

Amphenol RF

Altair Simulation 2022.2 Simulation Software

Simulation 2022.2’s latest update offers an enhanced Altair One experience by providing users with access to solutions, applications, data, and compute, allowing users to launch tools like Altair HyperMesh, HyperView, SimLab, and Inspire in browsers or on the desktop/laptop. Also allows users to submit solver jobs covering structural, thermal, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and high/low frequency electromagnetics disciplines in Altair’s cloud infrastructure, plus allows users to create pre-configured HPC appliances through a simple button click. Features tighter integration between Altair Flux, FluxMotor, SimLab, and Material Data Center, as well as significant improvements to HyperWorks, HyperMesh, Altair Pulse, and HyperWorks CFD.


Kyocera AVX ASPGuard Series MLVs

ASPGuard Series MLVs meet IEEE 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 testing requirements, come in small, ultra-low-profile surface-mount packages optimized for high-density designs, and exhibit high current and energy handling capabilities, bidirectional overvoltage protection, sub-nanosecond response times, and multi-strike capabilities. Also provide EMI/RFI attenuation in their off state, and offer lower insertion loss, lower leakage current, and high reliability. Are qualified to OPEN (One-Pair Ethernet) Alliance standards for automotive Ethernet applications and AEC-Q200. Come in 0402 and 0603 case sizes with maximum respective heights of 0.5±0.10mm and 0.80±0.15mm, and are rated for working voltages extending from 18–70VDC, capacitance values ranging from 1.5-4.7pF, energy transients spanning 0.02–0.04J, 1-3A of peak current, and operating temperatures from -55° to +150°C. Deliver up to 25kV of ESD protection per IEC 61000-4-2 and meet 48VDC jump start requirements.

Kyocera AVX

Mechnano Tough ESD

Tough ESD additive manufacturing (AM) resin utilizes discrete carbon nanotubes (dCNTs). Delivers isotropic electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties to parts fabricated with VAT photopolymerization processes while also providing enhanced impact resistance, and is said to be a fit for many relevant applications including ESD tooling, assembly aids, enclosures and nozzles. Is for parts that undergo a higher level of abuse where breakage would occur with more rigid solutions.


Peters Elpemer Solder Resist SD 2463 Flex-HF

Elpemer solder resist SD 2463 Flex-HF features state-of-the-art physical and mechanical properties, including ink that is flexible under bending stress when the circuit board is installed. Capable of reliably covering all areas of a PCB that shall not receive solder in subsequent soldering processes, and includes hardness and scratch resistance after final curing to protect the PCB from mechanical damage. Features a resolution of <40μm (direct exposure) and excellent dielectric properties, and can be used for ultra-fine conductors and in SMD technology as an alternative to flexible cover foils. Applied by horizontal or vertical double-sided screen printing and is aqueous-alkaline developed. Halogen-free and free from SVHC photoinitiators 369 and 907.


Stackpole RNCF Thin Film Resistors

RNCF series of precision thin film resistors is designed for medical instrumentation and control, industrial and automotive controls, communications, and test & measurement applications. Offers exceptional precision with tolerances down to ±0.01% and TCRs as low as ±2ppm. AEC compliant and reportedly demonstrates very low resistance shifts of less than ±0.05% for industry standard load life, biased humidity, and short time overload tests.


Stackpole SM Molded SMD Wirewounds

SM Series of surface mount molded wirewounds offer power ratings from 2W to 4W with compliant terminations that eliminate the issues of cracking and solder joint failure. Also provide superior pulse and overload handling compared to film-based chip resistors, and are ideal for industrial applications, machine automation and control, power supply and motor control, and traffic control, as well as safety and security systems.

Stackpole Electronics

Ventec VTM1000i Hydrocarbon Laminate

tec-speed 20.0 VTM1000i hydrocarbon laminate is designed for antenna and communication systems, radar, and aviation systems, and is available in a range of dielectric thickness, with 0.38mm through to 3.81mm options, while offering a high decomposition temperature (Td) of 426°C. Features high Dk value (9.8 ± 0.0245@10Ghz), and is said to offer an alternative option for specific application in the microwave and RF industry previously available only through PTFE laminates.


Anda TSV-400 Tabletop Dispenser

TSV-400 tabletop dispenser is a 400mm x 400mm automated x-y-z (3-axes) gantry system driven by ball screw and servo motors. Designed for selective coating and fluid dispensing applications and is easily portable for low-volume processes or laboratory tabletop applications.

Anda Technolgies

Count On Tools Hybrid Yamaha Compliant Nozzles

Hybrid Yamaha Compliant Nozzles have custom Yamaha YS12/24 ESD-safe compliant rubber, dual ANE slots, spring loaded type 301 with 2.50 round compliant rubber tip. Come in a range of tip sizes from 0.75mm to 2.5mm, as well as other configurations with a fixed-style nozzle base.

Count on Tools

Indium SiPaste C201HF Solder Paste

SiPaste C201HF combines non-wet open (NWO) performance with stencil print transfer efficiency to satisfy a range of process requirements and boost SPI yields. Leaves a cleanable residue or can be used as a standard no-clean paste in processes where post-reflow cleaning is not applicable. Features transfer efficiency on fine feature apertures, with consistent process yields below 80μm. Is said to deliver consistent and tight solder deposit spread across multiple prints, minimal voiding on tight-pitch components, excellent reflow performance on components that exhibit high warpage, and enhanced slump performance with minimal bridging.


Master Bond Supreme 42HT-2ND Black Epoxy

Supreme 42HT-2ND Black is a two-part, non-drip epoxy designed for bonding, sealing and coating applications. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 450°F (232°C) and provides a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 130-135°C. Meets NASA low outgassing standards and is recommended for applications that require vacuum compatibility. Electrically insulative with a volume resistivity greater than 1014Ω-cm, has a Shore D Hardness of 75-85 at 75°F, and withstands rigorous thermal cycling. Passed damp heat reliability testing for 1,000 hr. at 85°C and 85% relative humidity and offers a high strength profile, with a tensile strength of 9,000-10,000psi and a tensile modulus of 300,000-350,000psi at 75°F. Can be easily applied with the use of a gun dispenser or spatula and cures at ambient temperature in 2-3 days, or faster with the addition of heat.

Master Bond

Metcal MSA Series Smoke Absorbers

MSA Series smoke absorbers are space-saving compact workbench fans that use activated carbon filters to extract harmful flux fumes and smoke during hand soldering operations. MSA-35L is a dual-position benchtop fan designed for smaller spaces, which can be used horizontally or vertically for almost twice the airflow efficiency. MSA-25U is a smaller unit than the MSA-35L and features a USB plug that is compatible with any standard 5V USB power supply. Both are said to be very quiet when in use, offer easy filter replacement, and are ESD-compliant.


Nihon Superior SN100CV Solder

SN100CV Ag-free reflow soldering alloy can outperform SAC 305 in reliability while being reflowable with the same thermal profile as SAC 305. Reliability and reflowability come from the addition of bismuth, but not so much as to affect performance in high strain rate loading. Is said to be as resistant to creep deformation after 1000 hr. as it was when freshly reflowed. When combined with a completely halogen-free flux medium, can deliver a cost-efficient, high yield assembly in a profile with a peak temperature under 240°C.

Nihon Superior

Saki 3D-AOI Camera Head

3Di series high-speed camera head features an optical resolution of 15µm and achieves high-performance quality inspection with the industry’s fastest cycle time. Minimizes standby time by parallelizing image capture, data processing and inspection, and is capable of handling complex inspections of high-density PCBs and mixed PCBs with extremely small and tall parts. Come as an option for latest 3Di series 3-D AOI, and can be quickly and easily switched with the existing 8μm head without the need to change the entire AOI within the production line.

Saki Corp.

SCS PlasmaGuard Nanocoating Services

PlasmaGuard conformal coatings are applied through a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition process and provide splash-proof or waterproof moisture protection to devices such as wearables and consumer electronics. Are also halogen-free, for the protection of sustainable electronics.

Specialty Coating Systems

Transition Automation Permalex S Series Squeegees

Permalex S series of squeegees is designed for aqueous solder paste. Developed from a high grade of stainless steel that is harder than stainless steel often used for stencils and squeegees. Ground sharp – polished at the edge – and coated with the Permalex Teflon metal matrix. Shares many of the high-reliability aspects as the standard Permalex E series, including precision grind-polish-coat, laser part number and date code marking, and hermetically sealed, clean dust-free packaging.

Transition Automation

Transition Automation Slim-Line Squeegee Holder

Slim-Line Tool Free Squeegee Holder System allows blade changes without use of screwdrivers, nut wrenches or other tools. Incorporates magnets to secure the main body of squeegee blade and unique end “locks” that have a very low profile, resulting in a complete smooth front blade surface without protruding elements that typically interfere with solder paste rolling. Also minimizes interstitial spaces where cleaning fluid and paste can be trapped, and features Soft-Touch Paste Retainers. Designed for all SMT printers and maintains similar design outline as previous holder geometries.

Transition Automation

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