EasyLogix PCB-Investigator V15

PCB-Investigator Version 15 new features include design history to log actions and exports, with log entries for designs from the PCBI 365 Cloud stored directly in 365. Also permits several PCBI 365 Cloud Servers to be integrated at the same time. New Part Expert connects BoM information from the design directly with data sources such as DigiKey, Mouser, Avnet and Octopart, which permits reports to be created on prices, availability and delivery times. Also includes IPC-2581C importer and IDX Exporter, plus additions and improvements in Analysis and Production Control.




Kyocera Linear Card-Edge Connectors

9159-7X0 series linear card-edge connectors feature beryllium copper spring contact system, said to deliver high electrical and mechanical reliability, high signal integrity and high durability in harsh environment applications. Comes in open- and closed-side configurations with high-temperature white or black UL94 V-0 insulators, five contact variations (4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 positions), gold or tin over nickel contact plating, and current ratings up to 2A per contact. Is designed to mate with 1.5mm-thick (±0.15mm) PCBs with gold- or tin-plated pads and is rated for 150VACrms or the DC equivalent, up to 1,000 cycles with gold-plated contacts (up to 20 with tin), and operating temperatures extending from -40° to +130°C. Is UL and RoHS compliant and can be customized to suit customers’ specifications. For linear PCB mating in harsh industrial, LED lighting, automotive lighting, and transportation lighting applications.

Kyocera AVX



Murata Manufacturing Ceramic Capacitor

GRM188D72A105KE01 multilayer ceramic capacitor features 1μF capacitance in a 1608M (1.6 x 0.8mm) size. Is rated at 100V for use in 48V power supply lines in base stations, servers, and data centers. Uses proprietary thin layer technology to permit capacitor to be approximately 67% smaller in volume and 49% smaller in area than Murata’s 2012M size multilayer ceramic capacitors.

Murata Manufacturing



Renishaw RenAM 500 Ultra 3-D Printer

RenAM 500 Ultra laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) 3-D printer incorporates new scanning algorithms that permit the laser to fire while the recoater is moving, saving up to 9 sec. per build layer. Also features advanced process monitoring software that delivers detailed insights into the build to provide users with data and in-process visibility. Available with one (500S) or four (500Q) high-power lasers, each able to access the whole powder bed simultaneously.




Swancor EzCiclo Epoxy Hardener

EzCiclo low-dielectric epoxy hardener is tailored for copper-clad laminates and enables use of recycled waste plastics in PCB production. Uses more than 80% of waste plastic materials while retaining the properties of traditional hardeners. Enhances the electrical properties of epoxy resin FR-4 boards, achieving Dk-2.78/Df-0.011 at 10GHz after pure resin curing. Also increases the recyclable material content of PCBs, as the CCL can be decomposed by proprietary chemical treatment, allowing separation of resin and glass fiber from circuit board. Can be applied to any product that uses a PCB, including general electronic products, in-vehicle or network communications.




Vishay 10MBd Optocouplers

10MBd high-speed optocouplers provide low power consumption to save energy in industrial applications. Includes single-channel VOH260A, VOIH060A, and VOWH260A and dual-channel VOH263A and VOIH063A, and features a voltage supply range of 2.7V to 5.5V and an open collector output. Come in DIP-8, SMD-8, and SOIC-8 packages and utilize a highly efficient input LED coupled to an integrated photodetector logic gate with a strobable output. Combine a low supply current of 5mA maximum per channel with a low typical turn-on threshold current of 2mA typical. Are for data communications, high-speed A/D and D/A conversion, level shifting, and providing high voltage safety in automation equipment, motor drives and tools. Feature an internal shield that provides a guaranteed common mode transient immunity (CMTI) of 15kV/μs minimum. Offer maximum rated withstand isolation voltage up to 5000VRMS and provide isolation distances from 5mm to 10mm to cover a wide range of requirements, including those of applications with working voltages exceeding 1000V.



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AIM NC259FPA Solder Paste

NC259FPA zero-halogen solder paste is engineered for precise print definition with Type 6 and smaller alloy powders through stencil apertures less than 150μm in diameter. Is for miniLED, microLED, die attach, μBGA, and HDI boards, and features excellent wetting, high transfer efficiency, high reliability, and high tack force for mass transfer.

AIM Solder



ASMPT CMAT-S Production System

CMAT-S is an all-in-one system for assembling and dynamically aligning lenses in ADAS cameras. Features Continuous Sweep Alignment process, which is said to significantly improve system throughput without compromising on quality of cameras installed in advanced driver assistance systems. Reduces process cycle time by a reported 50% in the same footprint. Aligns lenses for ADAS cameras in 10 sec. and below per camera. Employs a proprietary and patented algorithm for its active alignments, and takes advantage of the continuous movement of the target object during imaging to increase precision and speed of alignment process. Comes with V curing system with partial curing times of as few as 1 sec. for certain camera modules.




Antenova Surface Mount Wireless Antennas

Curta SR4L096, Abdita SCRW090 and Admotus SRCG091 wireless antennas are designed and developed for three different wireless technologies.

Curta SR4L096 is a surface mount antenna measuring 40 x 10 x 1.7mm with placement on the short end of the host PCB. Is designed for coexistence requirements, which can be integrated as a single antenna or in a MIMO system. Supports many technologies – LTE, GSM, CDMA, DCS, PCS, WCDMA, UMTS, HSPDA, GPRS, EDGE, and IMT that cover multiple bands and provide optimal efficiency ratings – 698-960MHz (56%); 1710-2170MHz (66%); 2300-2400MHz (52%); and 2500-2700MHz (53%). Average peak gain ranges from -2.5dB, -1.7dB, -2.8dB, and -2.7dB, respectively. Temperature range is -40° to 140°C.

Abdita SCRW090 is a surface mount ceramic antenna that can be integrated into a design and operate on various GND plane sizes. Utilizes a ground plane to radiate efficiently in 2.4GHz applications such as Bluetooth/BLE, WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n), and ZigBee. Is said to offer longer range connectivity than most ceramic antennas due to its higher efficiency of 60.5%. Has an overall size of 1 x 0.5 x 0.5mm and fits on PCB as small as 50 x 30mm and requires 7 x 7mm clearance area. Operating temperature ranges from -40° to 125°C. Peak gain is 2.8dBi with an average gain of -1.9dB. Maximum return loss is -13.0dB and has maximum VSWR at 1.6:1.

Admotus SRCG091 is a surface mount ceramic antenna designed for connectivity on L1 GNSS signals on all constellations including GPS-L1 at 1575.42MHz; GLONASS L1, 1602MHz; Galileo L1, 1575.42MHz; BeiDou (B1); and QZSS. Is said to provide comparable performance to a small patch antenna on a small ground plane. Measures 1.0 x 0.5 x 0.5mm, requires 7.0 x 15mm clearance area and is said to perform well on small PCB sizes. Offers peak gain of 0.9dBi with average gain of -2.6dB, provides maximum return loss of -11.5dB and maximum VSWR 1.8:1.




Hirose SMT Wire-to-Board Connector

DF51K wire-to-board connector series now includes an SMT version. Is compatible with automated assembly processes, including pick-and-place machines, and features a center lock design to offer high-density mounting on PCB while preventing damage during cable assembly and ensuring secure mating. Positive lock provides a clear tactile click and secures a reliable connection and enables users to recognize reverse-mating and prevents mechanical interference. Supports up to 3A and is designed for a broad range of products, including industrial machinery, medical equipment, office equipment, robotics, smart meters and more. Has a rated voltage of 650V AC/DC and an operating temperature of -55° to +105°C.

Hirose Electric



Kurtz Ersa Powerflow Ultra Wave Soldering

Powerflow Ultra wave soldering machine features a new soldering module capable of speeds of up to 5mm/s. Is available with frame and finger conveyor, with working widths ranging from 330mm to 610mm in the XXL version. Distance between soldering nozzle and PCB is defined via the Ersasoft 5 operating software, which permits assemblies to be soldered at a precise distance, and nozzle distance and solder wave height can also be adjusted as required within an assembly. Also features the permanent measurement of real solder volume – independent of pump speed and tin level – using a sensor and automatic solder feeding, which significantly shortens measuring times and increases system availability. Also features a modular design that enables optimum adaptation of the system configuration to customer-specific requirements, such as the availability of three different preheating lengths: 1.8m, 2.4m and 3m.

Kurtz Ersa



Kurtz Ersa Versaflow One X-Series Selective Soldering

Versaflow One X-Series of selective soldering machines offers the option of two pots per soldering module, and can process up to eight assemblies (max. dimensions 350 x 508mm) and up to four assemblies (max. dimensions 508 x 508mm) simultaneously. Features a 3mm pin chain/roller conveyor and program-controlled width adjustment as standard for maximum flexibility and performance, plus a flux module that features a multidrop system, with one or two flux heads and numerous options, that offers the precision to handle almost any conceivable geometry. Includes a basic version of a preheater that is equipped with a short-wave IR heating module from below, with top heating with convection in the preheater available as an option. Also offers contactless monitoring of the PCB temperature in the preheater, and features such as automatic nozzle activation and solder wire feed are also on board. Also includes connection to the KE Connect digital service platform on request.

Kurtz Ersa



Master Bond UV23FLDC-80TK Epoxy

UV23FLDC-80TK is a moderate viscosity, cationic type system that offers both UV-light- and heat-curing mechanisms. Cures readily within 20-30 sec. when exposed to a UV light source emitting a wavelength of 320-365nm. Can also undergo a secondary heat curing for shadowed areas, typically curing in 60-90 min. at 80°-85°C. Has a viscosity of 25,000-50,000cps, and is highly thixotropic. Has a low tensile modulus of 250-500psi, and a high elongation of 90-100% at room temperature. Withstands rigorous thermal cycling, and is said to feature excellent electrical insulation with a volume resistivity exceeding 1014Ω-cm. Is not susceptible to oxygen inhibition and bonds well to metals, glass, ceramics and many plastics, including but not limited to acrylics and polycarbonates. Has a service temperature ranging from -80° to +300°F and comes in a wide range of packaging options, including syringes, ½ pint, pint, quart and gallon containers.

Master Bond



Mek SpectorBOX X1 AOI

SpectorBOX X series is a modular full 3-D AOI for through-hole technology (THT) solder joints and THT components. Can be used bottom-up for volume measurement of THT solder joints and pin height measurement, or top-down for a 150mm+ clearance for 3-D THT components measurement. Delivers direct volumetric measurements of solder joints from selective, wave, robotic, pin-in-paste reflow, laser and manual soldering systems in addition to accurate pin height measurement. Offers a clearance of 150mm (5.9″) and beyond on the component side and over 100mm (3.9″) on the solder side to accommodate most conveyor designs, and the x, y and z-axis moving optics ensure inspection of most pallet designs.

Marantz Electronics



Nordson Asymtek SL-1040 Conformal Coater

Asymtek Select Coat SL-1040 conformal coating system includes system-level advancements to elevate automation, control, precision and preventive maintenance for better yield and uptime. Pairs new process control and preventive maintenance with the new SC-450 PreciseCoat Jet and enhanced EasyCoat software that are ideal for high-volume production. Dual and triple applicators maximize throughput, and flexible features drive better yields through efficient changeover, traceability and setup consistency. Also features a new ultrasonic cleaning station that simplifies nozzle cleaning to improve uptime and cost of ownership. Includes advanced safety features, ESD-safe components and compliance to standards including SMEMA, CE, NFPA, and SEMI.

Nordson Electronics Solutions



Stirri LT-HF Solder Paste

LT-HF solder paste is a low-temperature halogen-free solder paste with an optical tracer. Incorporates QC-Aid to harness UV light and permit immediate visual PCB contamination inspection without complex testing equipment or training. Specially designed for tin-bismuth applications, and ensures exceptional soldering performance while maintaining the longevity and reliability of delicate electronic components promoting mechanical properties of bismuth-containing alloys while enabling instant optional visual QC.




Tagarno T50 Digital Microscope

T50 digital microscope is equipped with a 4K/60FPS block camera to provide a seamless and lag-free viewing experience. Is compatible with +3, +4, +5, +10, +25 and +50 lenses, at a magnification level of 1.3x to 660x and a field of view of 0.8mm to 409mm. Features a magnetic ring light that is also controlled with the same control box as the microscope to reduce the number of control boxes needed in the workspace, and readjusts height automatically to keep images in focus.




Techcon Extra-Large Syringe Barrel

TS60C-LL-N syringe barrel features a capacity of 177cc/6oz. Is made of clear polypropylene, is free of silicon and chloride and features a design with consistent internal diameter to maintain the proper seal with the piston for optimal dispensing results. Also features an ultra-low draft construction of the inner diameter that results in high dispensing accuracy and stability. Can connect directly to air adapters, and is for bonding, underfill, potting, and conformal coating. Is compatible with most dispensing materials including adhesives, epoxies, sealants and solder pastes.




TRI TR7600F2D Large Board AXI

TR7600F2D QL AXI is designed for the evolving needs of large board applications, especially in automotive and telecommunications electronics manufacturing. Inspects large boards measuring up to 2100 x 510mm and is capable of inspection with resolution ranges from 5-25μm. Is equipped with AI algorithms surpassing conventional gray-level-based methods, and is said to excel in detecting void and open defects, ensuring reliability in identifying defects across various components such as BGAs, capacitors, chips, WLCSP, DIMM connectors and more. Also features a specialized 2-D camera specifically designed for automotive applications, including barcode reading and fiducial detection. Supports current Smart Factory Standards, including IPC-CFX, IPC-DPMX, and Hermes (IPC-HERMES-9852).




ViscoTec eco-PEN XS 180 Microdispenser

eco-PEN XS 180 volumetric microdispenser dispenses quantities as small as 0.25μL and beads as narrow as 0.1mm, depending on the material. Weighs 175g and can be used for high-speed, high-acceleration operations. Multiple units can be coupled together in an automated dispensing cell with 25mm spacing between valves. Dispenses a variety of materials, including solder pastes, die-attach adhesives, edge-bond adhesives, electrically conductive adhesives, underfills and potting materials. Progressive cavity dispenser accommodates a range of viscosities, and filled materials can be dispensed with low shear, which prevents material separations or the destruction of filler particles.



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