Altair Simulation 2022.3 Software

Simulation 2022.3 brings updates that focus on cloud collaboration and computing, end-to-end simulation workflows, and design creation with AI-powered simulation. New features include updates to Altair One that eliminate data silos, IT constraints and access barriers, as well as new seamless digital thread workflows that connect Altair One and Altair HyperWorks for previewing and modifying models, tracking data, accessing online libraries, and more. New features also include efficient end-to-end simulation workflows to Altair HyperMesh, Altair Inspire and Altair SimLab. Enables users to utilize Inspire Fluids to create, modify, and change part and assembly shapes that meet hydraulic design objectives, and Inspire now supports the Linux user interface and offers a new set of geometry creation tools. Also includes electronic system design improvements that give users the power to perform battery module modeling and thermal analysis of complex electronic systems with greater efficiency. AI-powered simulation also enables users to better capture expert decision-making for improved design-of-experiments outcomes, and expanded integration for creating general links among variables of any type and create responses from external file types.




Altium 365 GovCloud Storage

Altium 365 GovCloud offers organizations the features and advantages of the Altium 365 cloud platform, along with additional security measures customized for highly regulated industries. Can help organizations manage regulated product development, meet flow-down requirements as contractors and suppliers, maintain strict control over access to their IP, and reduce IT overhead while meeting regulatory requirements such as ITAR and EAR. Features the ability to prevent unauthorized outbound traffic from leaving the environment using an outbound proxy, disables sharing outside of the workspace, prevents users from storing any data in their Altium 365 Personal spaces, and blocks connections to third-party PLM systems. Also features the ability to allow inbound access to the workspace only for authorized IP addresses, plus blocks access to the workspace from outside the US.




Elsyca PCBBalance v2.1 DfM Tool

PCBBalance v2.1 DfM software now features additional color plot visualization options for Plot Key Performance Indicator values per PCB product on the panel, including standard deviation, CPK, and fraction of surface within specifications. Allows adjustment of copper balancing position by defining small shifts in (X,Y) directions upon export; plus the ability to define zones that are to be excluded from copper balancing, using either a Gerber input file containing the outline of the no-go zones or using a Gerber input file containing a full image of these zones. Other new features include the import of predefined plating process and balancing parameter sets (recipes) from a custom directory and the ability to save new recipes to a custom directory, the ability to manually select plate boxes from library or automatically select them based on panel size, and the ability to decouple front and back side image balancing parameters to permit optimal copper balancing pattern on both sides. Also features an upgraded simulation algorithm that provides a more accurate prediction of the copper deposit thickness in and around HDI areas to account for high local copper density fractions during the copper plating processes.




InstaDeep DeepPCB AI

DeepPCB AI performs fully automated routing for printed circuit boards of up to 150 pairs and two layers. All solved boards under design rule checks and are fully compatible with KiCad. Users upload .dsn files to cloud platform, and results are provided in 24 hr. Leverages novel AI technology combined with powerful GPUs and cloud infrastructure to offer the first pure AI PCB routing engine. Automation relies on reinforcement learning (RL), an AI technology particularly suited for decision-making problems. Users can see how the AI system progressively increases the quality of its routing as it learns to solve the user’s board.




OKI Electric Cable Environment-Proof FPCs

Environment-proof FPC (flexible printed circuit) products are designed for use under harsh conditions, including conditions found in high-temperature and high-pressure steam environments. Heat-proof FPC features proprietary surface treatment on copper foil to improve adhesion to the insulating layer. High-pressure steam-proof FPC incorporates silicone resin into the insulating layer to improve resistance to high-pressure steam. Is said to maintain insulation layer adhesion after exposure to high-temperature heat treatment at 200°C for 1,000 hr. (for heat-proof FPC) and after high-pressure steam treatment at 132°C and 0.2MPa for 15 min. through 250 cycles (for high-pressure steam-proof FPC). Both meet all JPCA-UB01 requirements for insulation resistance and other electrical characteristics.

OKI Electric Cable



Rohm N-Channel Mosfets

RS6xxxxBx and RH6xxxxBx series of N-channel Mosfets are suitable for applications operating on 24V/36V/48V power supplies, such as base stations, servers, and motors for industrial and consumer equipment. Achieve RDS(on) of 2.1mΩ – approximately 50% lower than conventional Mosfets – by increasing device performance and adopting the HSOP8/HSMT8 package featuring low-resistance copper clip connections. Also features improved element gate structure that reduces Qgd approximately 40% versus conventional products. Achieve efficiency of approximately 95% (peak) in the output current range during steady-state operation.

Rohm Semiconductor



Stackpole RNCL Resistors

RNCL thin-film high power anti-surge chip resistors provide high power ratings per chip size with resistance values down to 50mΩ. Provide high precision and stability with tolerances down to 0.5% and TCR of 50 and 100ppm. Show very low resistance shift of less than 1% under IEC industry standard tests for short time overload, load life and biased humidity. Also has significantly higher pulse handling than typical thin-film chip resistors due to proprietary materials and design.

Stackpole Electronics



Toyochem Liotelan Shielding Films

Liotelan line of highly flexible conductive and insulating sheet films are designed for protecting electrical and electronic equipment. Exhibit high water-resistance and are highly flexible with a high elongation of 500%. Can be hot-press molded on to the EMI noise source on the printed circuit board to form a lightweight multilayer shield with a more compact format than a metal shielding  – for creating electronics devices of lower profiles and lighter weights without compromising shielding effectiveness. Potential applications are wearable devices, wireless communications and other smart devices.




Vishay VOMDA1271 Mosfet Driver

VOMDA1271 automotive grade photovoltaic Mosfet driver is designed to deliver high performance for automotive applications. Features integrated turn-off circuit that enables a turn-off time of 0.7ms typical, the fastest for a Mosfet driver in the compact SOP-4 footprint. Also provides a turn-on time of 0.05ms, and is said to be the only driver in this package size to offer an isolation voltage of 3750V and a typical open circuit output voltage of 8.5V. Is intended for use in pre-charge circuits, wall chargers, and battery management systems for electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Features an AIGaAs infrared LED (IRLED), which emits light that is absorbed by a photovoltaic gate array to turn on a Mosfet and simplifies designs and lowers costs by eliminating the need for an external power supply. Can be driven by a microcontroller’s GPIO pin, and is RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green.

Vishay Intertechnology


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CircuitMedic 201-7100 Rework Tool Set

201-7100 Precision Surface Mount Rework Tool Set includes nine finely crafted tools for precision repairs on circuit board assemblies. Crafted to meet the demands of modern electronics, this toolset is designed to help perform intricate repairs, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of electronic devices. Caters to every aspect of circuit board repair, rework, and assembly. Are built to withstand rigorous use in demanding environments. Comes with a specially designed metal mesh storage tray for easy access, organization and portability.




Henkel Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT TIM

Bergquist Hi Flow THF 5000UT phase change film TIM permits low mechanical pressure to achieve thorough wet out and an ultra-thin bond line at the interface. Is for challenging package designs with complex architectures, such as lidless multi-chip devices used in high-performance compute and industrial applications. Demonstrates low thermal impedance across various bond line thicknesses at both ultra-low and higher pressure (0.04°C-cm2/W at 35psi, 0.06°C-cm2/W at <10psi), delivers excellent reliability as evaluated up to 150°C, and achieves thermal conductivity up to8.5W/m-K. Provides heat sink suppliers with no-mess, easy application and integrators with simple final assembly, and film medium – as opposed to liquid materials – permits application before shipment. Does not require pre-burn before use.




Metcal CV-IOT Gateway Module

CV-IOT Gateway Module and desktop application enables operations management to collect advanced soldering data from every benchtop station on their network. Allows utilization of information on every joint to improve process control and efficiency in the soldering process, and a standard handheld barcode scanner can be added to the setup for board-level traceability. Desktop application can be used to analyze data collected by the system to evaluate operator efficiency, quality of solder joints, temperature and power profiles, and the cartridges used (including geometries, part numbers, serial numbers, and lot codes) for each soldering process. Can set up alerts to notify managers in real time when processes are not being followed or when there is a concern with a soldering station. Stores information in standard database structure, and plugs directly into the CV unit and the computer or network only through a wired connection to ensure data security. Compatible with all Metcal Connection Validation soldering systems.




Shenmao SMBF-08 BGA Flux

SMBF-08 visible no-clean BGA flux is for SMT assembly and BGA ball mount processes. Visible black coloration allows easy identification and evaluation during AOI, and is halogen-free (ROL0) and fully compliant with RoHS, RoHS 2.0, and REACH regulations. Is said to be suitable for various processes, including stencil printing, dipping and pin-transfer methods. Its printability, wettability and solderability make it highly effective for a wide range of IC packages, including system-in-package (SiP), wafer-level- package (WLP), and flip chip technologies.




Thermaltronics M Series – Power Plus Soldering Cartridges

M Series – Power Plus soldering cartridges are designed to address demanding soldering applications without upgrading to other premium handles. Developed specifically for heavy-duty soldering jobs, offering exceptional performance and extended tip life. Is said to incorporate a larger copper mass and additional plating to deliver superior soldering performance and durability. Allows TMT-9000S soldering system users to achieve results without increasing tip temperature. Have a range of options, boasting more than 30 different styles so users can find the cartridge to suit specific application requirements.

Thermaltronics USA



Vision Engineering Mantis Microscope

Mantis Stereo Microscope features the latest developments in optics, digital cameras, and fully adjustable LED lighting. Includes improved optics for both hand-to-eye coordination and depth perception, a three-position turret to house up to three objectives ranging from 3x to 15x, the introduction of an 8x super long working distance lens, five different illumination options providing flexibility to optimize the lighting to view the perfect image, and an improved, higher resolution camera for image and video capture. Also features an option to switch between white light and UV light using a toggle switch. Designed with eyepiece-less technology that delivers a large, high-quality optical stereo image, making it more comfortable and easier to view than traditional microscopes, and comes with a range of new stand options and accessories for flexibility, stability and a reduced footprint on the workstation.

Vision Engineering



Yamaha Motor YRP10 Printer

YRP10 stencil printer achieves high-speed, high-precision solder printing, fully automated setup changeovers, and supports dual-lane production. Features excellent rigidity, a 3S head with new squeegee, and a stencil vacuum mechanism. Automates setup changeovers, such as automatic push-up pins and stencil replacement, which greatly reduces labor and human error when changing out products. Dual-lane specification that enables completely independent operation for each lane can also be selected to flexibly support a wide variety of types of production.

Yamaha Motor


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