PCEA Current Events

National News

Conferences Task Group. The PCB West 2023 technical conference schedule is now available at pcbwest.com. This year’s conference features more than 120 hours of top-rank training from the leading names in electronics design and manufacturing. We will also have a special “Ask the Experts” session all day on Sept. 20, where you can get advice or just commiserate with gurus like Rick Hartley, Keven Coates, Mark Finstad and Nick Koop. Visit pcbwest.com for details.

EMI seminar. Rick Hartley will present a special live two-day workshop on “Control of EMI, Noise and Signal Integrity in High-Speed Circuits and PCBs,” coming June 20-21 to the Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta. As Hartley notes, EMI is a leading concern for electronics designers and a major cause of failures. The seminar has been updated to contain a fair amount of new information that was not taught in years past. Each attendee will receive a color PDF copy of the full slide deck. For details, visit pcb2day.com. Article ending bug

Chapter News

San Diego. Palomar Community College is offering a comprehensive online PCB design course, taught by John Watson. The classes include a 16-week beginner course and a 16-week advanced course, with the beginner classes starting on Aug. 22, 2023, and the advanced courses starting on Jan. 30, 2024.

The chapter has elected John Watson vice chair and Nick Maldonado communications director. Article ending bug