Kyocera AVX 9155-800 Series Connectors

9155-800 series of vertical-mate, 2.0mm-pitch battery connector series now includes seven- and eight-position models. Features unique contact geometry that deflects cleanly when a module, mating connector or PCB is vertically pushed into position, enabling full vertical engagement in pluggable modules without the risk of contact damage. Also features forgiving sweeping beam contact design and anti-snag feature that protects contacts from damage during deflection, and when static as well. Includes gold-plated beryllium copper (BeCu) contacts said to deliver electrical and mechanical performance for more than 5,000 mating cycles and plastic locating bosses and SMT anchor tabs that maximize mechanical stability of the connector in high-shock and vibration environments. Is compatible with both signal and power circuits, and has flame-retardant (UL94 V-0) black, glass-filled Nylon 46 insulators, BeCu contacts with either 0.4µm or 0.8µm of selective gold-over-nickel plating and pure tin tails. Rated for 125VAC or DC equivalent; 1.5A or 2A, depending on number of positions (five to eight and two to four, respectively); and operating temperatures extending from -40° to +125°C.

Kyocera AVX



Littelfuse SM10 Varistor

SM10 series metal oxide varistor is designed to provide superior transient surge protection in automotive electronics, electric vehicles and various other applications. Is said to be the first surface-mounted MOV device compliant with the AEC-Q200 automotive standard, capable of withstanding high operating temperatures and offering ultra-high surge current handling in a compact package. Withstands temperatures up to 125°C and features repetitive surge capability handles up to 40 pulses of 6KV/3KA surges. Features dimensions of 15.7mm x 8.5mm x 14mm and a voltage rating of 130Vac to 625Vac.




Samtec Edge Rate Series Connectors

Edge Rate ERF6 & ERM6 Series board-to-board connectors now include higher-density mated set half the width of previous designs and in a lower-profile 5mm mated height. Support 56Gbps PAM4 high-speed, rugged mezzanine applications for industrial, embedded vision, instrumentation and monitoring, drones, and robotics. Have two rows of pins while maintaining body width of 2.5mm. Body length is 11mm to 42.8mm with a 0.635mm centerline. Available positions for each row are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60. Permit 0.90mm of nominal contact wipe for reliable connection. To ensure consistent alignment, polarizing features are molded into the connector body. Permit angular and linear misalignment.




Stackpole RMEA Series Resistors

RMEA series of automotive grade chip resistors are fully lead-free and AEC-Q200 qualified and anti-sulfur. Adhere to higher materials and process standards as well as 100% AOI to ensure performance and long-term reliability. Are for next-generation automotive electronics, industrial power and control applications, and electronics for measurement and metering.

Stackpole Electronics



Stackpole RNCU1206 Resistor

RNCU1206 provides tolerances as low as 0.1% and TCRs as low as 10ppm along with a 1W power. Is AEC-Q200 compliant with expected resistance shifts of less than 0.25% for many standard performance tests for stability and reliability, and is said to exhibit anti-sulfur characteristics while meeting the requirements of ASTM-B809.

Stackpole Electronics



Ucamco UcamX and Integr8tor v2023.12 CAM

UcamX v2023.12 CAM software and Integr8tor v2023.12 pre-CAM software are now available, each offering additions to increase productivity.

UcamX’s Coupon Assistant now modifies existing data without a complete rework, Drill Tool Manager can change the slot length and reduce manual handling, and Rout Manager’s new accurate arc generation prevents rework.

Integr8tor includes improvements to QED extensions to include better via-in-pad detection and more, Gerber X3 input to turn Gerber component data into assembly information, and various improvements to performance and speed.




Vishay VCNL36828P Proximity Sensor

VCNL36828P compact proximity sensor combines a photodiode, ASIC, 16-bit ADC, and smart dual I²C slave address in a 2.0mm by 1.0mm by 0.5mm surface-mount package. Compared to previous-generation solutions, offers a 20% smaller package, 20% lower idle current of 5µA, and 40% higher sunlight cancellation up to 140klx. Features a range of 200mm and a typical rated supply voltage of 1.8V and is designed to deliver proximity detection while reducing power consumption to increase efficiency in space-constrained, battery-powered applications. Programmable interrupt function allows designers to specify high and low thresholds to reduce continuous communication with microcontroller, and uses intelligent cancellation to reduce crosstalk, while a smart persistence scheme ensures accurate sensing and a faster response time. VCSEL wavelength peaks at 940nm and has no visible “red-tail.” RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green.

Vishay Intertechnology



Würth MEMS Humidity Sensor

MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) sensor measures with a precision of ±1.8% RH in the 20% to 80% relative humidity range. DFN (dual flat no-leads) package for SMT assembly measures 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.5mm, works with a current of 0.4µA and can be operated with a power supply between 1.08V and 3.6V. Is for distributed IoT sensor networks, such as those in smart farming applications. Dielectric polymer interacts with water molecules to adjust permeability of capacitor structure depending on relative humidity of surroundings, and includes temperature sensor. Uses integrated analog-digital converter to transmit momentary temperature as well as humidity information as 16-bit measurement data directly to conventional microcontrollers via I²C interface. Included heater with three selectable heating levels can be switched on temporarily as required, so sensor works effectively even under demanding ambient conditions and measurement is not falsified by condensation.

Würth Elektronik


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Apollo Seiko SR-LYRA II Robot

SR-LYRA II soldering unit combines LYRA II soldering technology with a SCARA robot. Is engineered for high-speed, axially moving operations and is for inline applications designed for full automation. Integrates a lightweight robot and a compact controller to enhance robot mobility and simplify design of production lines. Features a virtual web-based teaching pendant, compatible with any operating system that can open a web browser, that provides a user-friendly interface for intuitive control and programming.

Apollo Seiko



ASMPT SMT Analytics Software

SMT Analytics software runs stream analytics based on the latest data processing technologies to detect causes of trouble, highlights potential losses and points out potential improvements. Features a variety of dashboards for descriptive analyses based on user profiles and process structures, and clearly defined use cases help to monitor important KPIs, locate root causes of problems and present historical, real-time and reference data in a structured and correlated manner. Makes slowdowns and shortfalls visible through intelligent data correlation and detects and prevents immediate performance shortfalls while helping to optimize processes. Also analyzes downtimes resulting from malfunctions and provides detailed information on causes and durations. Third-party-system interaction coming.




ECD EV12 Thermal Profiler

M.O.L.E. EV12 is a 12-channel soldering thermal profiling data logger. Delivers power and immediacy of touchscreen thermal profiling control. Addresses specific applications that require nine to 12 thermal measurements. Full-color touch display enables process calculation templates, profiles, and pass/fail results to be observed directly on the device. No PC download required for profile viewing. Has Bluetooth wireless connectivity, delivers higher sampling rates with greater accuracy, and supports multiple thermocouple types.




Ineos Styrolution Zylar EX350 MBS Material

Zylar EX350 MBS material possesses a balanced combination of stiffness and toughness, making it the ideal material of choice for carrier tapes in electronics component packaging. Enables the creation of deeper and more rigid pocket designs compared to using a GPPS/SBC blend, and is said to ensure component stability, a consistent and smooth peel-off strength performance and good transparency for the camera inspection.

Ineos Styrolution



Inspectis AHD System Package

AHD System Package is a compact and lightweight analog high definition (AHD) video package for optical inspection and assembly. Features a compact AHD video microscope configurable with different optics for 1.3mm to 23mm field of view, (~300x to ~20x magnification on screen) and FHD resolution with low latency to provide a live view of the object during inspection. Is also equipped with a UNC 1/4″-20 standard camera mount for flexible custom mounting and is configurable with or without built-in lighting.




Master Bond Supreme 11AOHTMed Epoxy

Supreme 11AOHTMed two component epoxy passes ISO 10993-5 testing for non-cytotoxicity and is recommended for bonding and sealing in medical device applications. Has a volume resistivity exceeding 1014ohm-cm at 75°F and exhibits thermal conductivity of around 4 to 5BTU·in/ft²·hr·°F (0.58-0.72 W/m/K). Provides high bond strength properties with a lap shear strength of 3,200-3,400psi, a tensile strength of 7,000-8,000psi and a compressive strength of 20,000-22,000psi. Is designed to withstand thermal cycling and offers a wide service temperature range from -112° to +400°F (-80° to 204°C). Cures at room temperature in 24-36 hr., and faster with heat, in 1-2 hr. at 200°F. Is said to bond well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, ceramics, glass, rubbers and many plastics. Has a 1:1 mix ratio by weight, with mixed material being a thixotropic paste. Comes in double-barrel cartridges for gun kits, or in standard jars and cans ranging in size from ½ pint to gallon containers.

Master Bond



Shenmao SMF-D61 Flip Chip Flux

SMF-D61 low-residue no-clean flip chip flux leaves minimal residue after reflow, ensuring clean and reliable solder joints. Is halogen-free and complies with RoHS, RoHS 2.0, and REACH standards. Is free from intentionally added halogens. Is designed for flip chip dipping applications. Offers wetting characteristics and solderability, facilitating precise and robust solder joints. Is fully compatible with underfills and EMC, eliminating cleaning of flux residue before proceeding with subsequent processes. Achieves flux residue levels as low as 5% after reflow, for performance and reliability.

Shenmao Technology



StenTech BluPrint CVD Surface Treatment

BluPrint CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposited) surface treatment is a new method for depositing thin films of materials onto a substrate by introducing chemical precursors into a reactor chamber, where they react and deposit as a solid material on the surface. Offers consistently repeatable processing without variation, providing a virtually indestructible coating that remains resilient without degradation and ensures uniform printing, with the only variation being the area ratio, while each aperture remains identical. Eliminates need for frequent replacements and ensures a longer lifespan for the stencil. Is applied at approximately 1000 times less thickness compared to current alternatives with a range of 3-5µm versus 3nm.




Thermaltronics TMT-R9000S Solder Robot

TMT-R9000S solder robot is a compact and versatile benchtop unit catering to a wide range of applications in electronics manufacturing. Incorporates SMEMA Communication Ports, allowing seamless integration with Robotic Arm Systems. Features soldering area measuring 12″ (308mm) x 12″ (308mm) that accommodates a maximum PCB area of 17″ (450mm) x 17″ (450mm). Also features XYZ 3-D soldering and 3-D dispensing capabilities, and includes two input line voltage options, TMT-R9000PS-1 (100-110 VAC) and TMT-R9000PS-2 (220-240 VAC).

Thermaltronics USA



Weller ZeroSmog Shield Fume Extraction

ZeroSmog Shield Pro fume extraction system features EPA E10 filters for particulates and activated carbon for gases. Includes a quick and easy filter change process and continuous filter status checks to ensure filter is performing optimally at all times. Also features work zone identification with bright work lights to clearly indicate best extraction area for efficient filtration, stop and go functionality to seamlessly connect to various Weller soldering stations for automatic start and stop filtration, and an ESD-safe design.

Weller Tools



Yamaha Robotics YRi-V TypeHS AOI

YRi-V TypeHS 3-D AOI includes a high-resolution 25MP camera, which is more than twice that of previous models, and the latest high-performance CPU and GPU applications. Is capable of high-definition inspection with resolutions of 7µm and 5µm approximately 1.6 times faster than previous models. Also includes a high-performance 3-D line laser which, combined with 3-D projector images using the phase shift method, reproduces shapes of specular and transparent components more accurately. Is said to provide greater accuracy in detection capability for 0201 (0.25mm x 0.125mm) ultra-small chips and specular-glossy components.

Yamaha Robotics



Yamaha Robotics YRM10 Surface Mounter

YRM10 surface mounter is said to feature the world’s fastest one-beam/one-head Class 1 mounting performance of 52,000cph. Developed as a successor to entry model YSM10, and maintains compact size while introducing new technologies such as high-speed general- purpose versatility head and vision systems. Includes 10 inline heads and scan camera that supports a wide range of components while maintaining high speed without need for head replacement and achieving mounting accuracy of ±35µm (Cpk ≥ 1.0). Supports 0201 (0.25 x 0.125mm) sized ultra-small chips to medium-sized or odd components, and includes sideview camera and optional coplanarity checker to detect components with a floating lead.

Yamaha Robotics


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