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‘Early Bird’ Discount for PCB East Technical Conference Ends May 3

PEACHTREE CITY, GA – The discounted price for the PCB East 2024 technical conference ends May 3, conference organizers said. From May 4 through June 4, registrants will pay the advanced conference price, which is $100 more than the “early bird” rate.

The technical program for PCB East 2024 features more than 75 hours of in-depth electronics engineering training from leading experts such as Rick Hartley, Dan Beeker, Tomas Chester, Zach Peterson and Susy Webb. 

The conference will be held June 4 to 7 at the Boxboro Regency Hotel and Conference Center in Boxborough, MA. It features classes for every level of experience, from novice to expert. 

The scope of classes ranges from basics on design engineering and circuit grounding, to DDR5 routing, impedance characterization, controlling noise and EMI, thermal management, board stackups and design for assembly. 

More than half the presentations are new to PCB East, including ones on SMT equipment validation, medical wearable device compliance, flex design, AI in electronics, and signal integrity/power integrity. A special all-day session on UHDI design and manufacturing rounds out the technical conference.

“Registration for this year’s technical conference is looking strong, and we look forward to an event that meets the needs of the entire electronics supply chain,” said Mike Buetow, president, PCEA. 

Registration for the technical conference and the exhibition is open at pcbeast.com.

An exhibition featuring more than 65 leading suppliers to the electronics design, manufacturing and assembly industry will be held June 5.Article ending bug

Boston Chapter to Present Talks on Supply Chain-Driven Circuit Design and Embedded Inductors

BOSTON – The PCEA Boston chapter plans a kickoff meeting on May 2. The speakers are Gopu Achath and Sanjay Keswani of EMA Design Automation on supply chain-driven circuit design and Paul Yang of Jove PCB on embedded inductor technology.

Attendance is free, and you do not have to be a member to attend. Please RSVP to mike@pcea.net.

Meeting details. The meeting time is 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., at the University of Massachusetts – Lowell North Campus Alumni Hall room 102, 54 University Ave., Lowell, MA.

There is limited parking in the Cumnock Lot (31 University Ave.) near Alumni Hall. Additional parking is available in the North Parking Garage (293 Riverside St.). A map of the campus is here.

The speakers and topics are:

  • Gopu Achath, vice president of technology, and Sanjay Keswani, lead, value engineering and services, EMA Design Automation: “Supply Chain-Driven Circuit Design.” Traditionally ECAD users weren’t integrated or involved in the supply chain. With the rising challenges in semiconductor industry around chip shortages, however, customers have realized the need for integrating ECAD with supply chains. Last-time buy and purchasing decisions have moved upstream to ECAD designers. Learn how to validate design components and select components for your designs based on part availability, lifecycle status, and – most importantly – lead time, all from within the design tool. We will demonstrate how to make supply chain resilience an essential part of the design process.
  • Paul Yang, senior FAE manager, JOVE PCB: “Embedded Inductor Technology.” With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technology, miniaturization, integration, and modularization are the general trend of electronic product design, especially in chip power supply. Designers are looking for higher efficiency, higher power density, better reliability, and smaller package sizes. The inductors of tertiary power modules that power CPUs and GPUs usually occupy a large surface area, making it challenging to deploy more chips and small-sized resistor and capacitors. Thanks to the development of copper-iron cofiring integrated inductor technology, inductors can be embedded into the PCB and copper plating makes connections and fanout.Article ending bug
PCEA Current Events

San Diego. Feedback for our April meeting during the Del Mar Electronics Show was awesome. Thanks to our speakers, Tom Hausherr of PCB Libraries and Stephen Chavez of Siemens. It was a great turnout, with about 70 attendees for our sessions, and great fuel to keep our chapter going! We have many new members who want to sign up for PCEA. We’re planning another event in July to keep the momentum going.Article ending bug

Tom Hausherr (left) of PCB Libraries, with PCEA Chairman Stephen Chavez, at the San Diego Chapter meeting during the Del Mar Electronics Show in April.