Altair SimSolid for Electronics

SimSolid for electronics brings multi-physics scenario exploration for electronics, from chips, PCBs, and ICs to full system design. Is said to accurately predict complex structural problems with high speed while eliminating the complexity and labor of modeling. Eliminates geometry simplification and meshing to deliver results in seconds to minutes – up to 25x faster than traditional finite element solvers – and handle complex assemblies. Tackles signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), and electromagnetic compatibility/interference (EMC/EMI), all while making electromagnetic simulations more accessible and efficient.




Doosan DS-7409DQN CCL

DS-7409DQN and DS-7409DQN2 copper-clad laminates enable large volumes of data transmission with minimal signal loss, for use in switches and routers. Are suitable for a range of applications, including memory semiconductor applications such as mobile and PC DRAM/NAND, and system semiconductor applications such as RF SiP, AiP, FC-CSP, and FC-BGA. Are halogen-free and ultra-low loss.




DuPont Pyralux ML Laminates

DuPont’s Pyralux ML double-sided metal-clad laminates are for optimal thermal management for high-reliability applications such as aerospace, defense, electric vehicles, AI-related networking and other electronic devices. Contain metal alloy, such as copper-nickel, featuring Kapton all-polyimide dielectric technology, and provide essential thermal resistance for heating, thermal conductivity to improve the desired heat transfer, resistivity for higher heat output, and thermoelectric properties as needed for the application. Come in a variety of dielectric and foil types, thicknesses and a range of metal constructions, and are fully compatible with most conventional circuit fabrication processes.




Kyocera AVX SNA and SNL Series Capacitors

SNA and SNL Series snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitors are said to deliver high-reliability, high-voltage and high-CV performance over long lifetimes. Are lead-free compatible and RoHS compliant, rated for temperatures extending from -25° to +105°C, and are said to be ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications including frequency converters, solar inverters, power inverters, energy storage systems, and power supplies.

SNA series exhibits high ripple current capabilities, long lifetime performance and endurance of 5,000 hr. at 105°C. Are available with three rated voltages (250, 420, and 450VDC), 24 case sizes spanning 22mm x 25mm to 35mm x 50mm (D x L) and capacitance values extending from 82µF to 1,500µF ±20%.

SNL series exhibits endurance of 3,000 hr. at 105°C. Come in eight rated voltages (160, 200, 250, 350, 400, 450, 500, and 550VDC), 36 case sizes spanning 22mm x 20mm to 35mm x 60mm (D x L), and capacitance values extending from 68µF to 2,200µF ±20%.

Kyocera AVX



MKS ESI Geode G2 Laser System

ESI Geode G2 laser drill offers advancements in beam control capabilities, optical transmission, thermal management and AOD technology. Features lightweight frame design of the Geode G2 to provide flexibility for factory floor layouts, and utilizes HyperSonix technology that shapes laser pulses with sound waves for better throughput and quality. Also uses AcceleDrill to distribute pulse energy for maximum throughput and permit multiple via sizes in one pass. Beam Characterization Tool for CO2 via drilling monitors beam quality and spot health.

MKS Instruments



Samtec RF Edge Launch Connectors

RF edge launch connectors feature a narrow body design that is said to be 33% smaller than traditional edge launch connectors. Are for use in a lab setting for high-frequency test and measurement applications, high-speed digital component test and evaluation boards. Feature frequency capabilities of DC to 67GHz (185-EL Series), DC to 50GHz (240-EL Series) and DC to 40GHz (292-EL Series) and include interface types of 1.85mm, 2.40mm and 2.92mm. Also feature compression mount to the printed circuit board instead of requiring solder, which permits increased signal integrity performance capabilities and are reusable for up to 500 mating cycles.




Stackpole Automotive Grade Chip Resistor

RPCA series chip resistor is AEC-Q200 qualified and is said to provide pulse handling. Passes ANSI/EIA977 sulfur test with minimal resistance shift at 105°C. Is designed for automotive electronics, medical applications, non-established reliability military and aerospace, as well as instrumentation and metering.

Stackpole Electronics



Ventec Bondply Dielectrics

Pro-bond and Thermal-bond bond ply dielectrics are formulated for high-speed signal integrity with low losses and thermal management in ML PCB stackups. Initial range includes resin-coated copper (RCC) and resin-coated film (RCF) bondply b-stage dielectric materials. RCC bondply is an unreinforced adhesive system coated onto ultra-thin copper foil (1.5-5.0µm supported on an 18µm carrier foil) for use in high-performance and high-reliability multilayer PCB stackups. RCF bondply is an unreinforced adhesive system coated onto PET film for use in high performance and high-reliability multilayer PCB stackups.




Vishay Blue and True Green LEDs

VLMB2332T1U2-08 and VLMTG2332ABCA-08 surface-mount LEDs measure 2.2mm by 1.3mm by 1.4mm and feature a luminous intensity of 440mcd and 2300mcd, respectively. Are designed for applications such as medical light treatment; signal lights for agricultural equipment and energy generation systems; indicators and backlighting for office, entertainment and telecommunications equipment; LCD switches and symbols for general use. Feature a lead-frame embedded in a white thermoplast and offer a ±60° angle of half-intensity, a wide viewing angle of 120° for homogeneous illumination and backlighting, and forward voltage of 2.9V typical. Are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and Vishay Green, available in 8mm tape, offer an ESD-withstand voltage up to 2kV in accordance with JESD22-A114-B and are compatible with preconditioning according to JEDEC Level 2a, IR reflow soldering according to J-STD-020 and automatic placement equipment.

VLMTG2332ABCA features a typical wavelength of 525nm at 20mA, and is said to be ideal for heart rate monitoring applications in fitness trackers and other devices that rely on variations in green light absorption.

VLMB2332T1U2-08 offers a typical wavelength of 465nm at 20mA and is said to be optimized for smoke detectors that utilize short wavelength blue light for the detection of small particles.

Vishay Intertechnology



Vishay TVS Series

New series of transient voltage suppressors (TVS) are designed to enhance protection and efficiency in automotive and industrial electronics. 6DFNxxA, 6DFNxxxCA, T6NxxA, and T6NxxxCA series feature a peak pulse power of 600W at 10/1000µs and exhibit low leakage current down to 1µA. Are housed in DFN3820A package, which offers an 85% size decrease compared to SMB (DO-214AA) package and a 42% reduction over SlimSMAW (DO-221AD). Are said to offer clamping capability, with maximum clamping voltages ranging from 16.7V to 137V, and include wettable flanks to facilitate AOI processes. Are RoHS-compliant and halogen-free, with matte tin-plated leads that meet JESD 201 class 2 whisker test.

6DFNxxA and 6DFNxxxCA series are tailored for signal line protection across a range of applications, from server power modules and digital media controllers in computer and consumer sectors to industrial robot control boards and automation systems. T6NxxA and T6NxxxCA PAR TVS series are AEC-Q101 qualified and support high-temperature operations up to +185°C, and are designed primarily for automotive applications including advanced driver assistance systems, battery management systems and infotainment systems.

Vishay Intertechnology



Würth Elektronik WE-BMS Transformers

WE-BMS transformer series for battery management systems now features versions for an operating voltage of 1500VDC. Features enhanced isolation in line with IEC 62368-1 with triple-insulated wire (primary and secondary side), as well as galvanic isolation and a test voltage of 6400VDC, and for use in large stationary energy storage systems from solar and wind farms, in intermediate storage systems in high-power charging stations to balance out peak loads, or for uninterruptible power supplies used in critical infrastructures.

Würth Elektronik



Würth Elektronik WL-ICLED Series

WL-ICLED series combines a red, green and blue LED with a programmable controller IC. Available in four designs (2020 Chip LED compact, 3210 Chip LED Side View, 2121 PLCC6 with bypass and 5050 PLCC4) and is individually controllable in pixel color and brightness levels from 0-100%. Is capable of more than 16 million different color and brightness levels and is compatible with open source libraries such as FastLED. Requires fewer components (such as series resistors) and is more compact than solutions with separate LEDs. Also features an MSL3 moisture sensitivity level, with some models complying with protection class IPx7. Includes gold plating on Chip LED models and silver coating for PLCC models for better solderability. Applications include signal control systems, full-color matrix displays, audio and gaming systems, indoor lighting and displays on e-mobility charging stations.

Würth Elektronik



Würth Elektronik WRIS-RSKS Resistors

WRIS-RSKS family of anti-sulfur resistors is for applications susceptible to exposure from sulfur compounds. Features an additional layer of nickel-chromium alloy that protects silver-based electrodes from contact with sulfur gasses. Has a sulfur resilience designed for long-term reliability under harsh conditions and is tested in accordance with ASTM B-809. Operating temperature ranges from -55° to +155°C and comes with resistance values from 1Ω to 10MΩ, temperature coefficients of ±100, ±200 and -200~+400ppm/°C, resistance tolerances of ±1% and ±5% and power ratings of 0.1 to 0.5W.

Würth Elektronik


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Cogiscan Factory Insights

Factory Insights is a customizable factory data platform built for circuit board assembly and complex manufacturing ecosystems. Features a fully customizable platform that allows users to build their own KPIs and dashboards, or use and personalize pre-built dashboards. Permits seamless sharing and exchanging of calculated metrics with other AI platforms, as well as role-specific dashboards that visualize relevant KPIs for specific roles.




Henkel Loctite Eccobond UF 9000AE Encapsulant

Loctite Eccobond UF 9000AE is designed to protect large die within flip-chip BGA (FCBGA), high-density fan-out (HD-FO), and 2.5-D advanced packaging devices. Completely envelops fine-pitch, low gap height die interconnects for rigid protection against stress, and low shrinkage and toughness provide die and underfill crack resistance, while low CTE protects against warpage. Also features low resin bleed out and forms narrow fillets, permitting the dense die integration inherent in advanced packaging techniques. Is said to demonstrate 20% faster flow on a 40mm x 40mm die, and edge-to-edge capillary flow efficiency ensures interconnect encapsulation prior to any material gelation. Has been validated on dies as large as 50mm x 50mm and within packages up to 110mm x 110mm.




Master Bond EP114 Underfill Epoxy

EP114 is a two-component, low-viscosity, NASA low outgassing rated, heat-cured epoxy that can be effectively utilized for underfill, coating, impregnating and porosity sealing applications. Features high dimensional stability due to its nano-silica filler material and has been successfully tested for abrasion resistance per ASTM D4060-14 and readily withstands 1,000 hr. at 85°C and 85% relative humidity. Is said to have excellent electrical insulation properties with a volume resistivity greater than 1014ohm-cm and a dielectric constant of 3.35 (60Hz) at 25°C. Features an exceptionally low coefficient of thermal expansion of 20-22 x 10-6in/in/°C, compressive strength of 24,000-26,000psi, ultra-high modulus of more than 1 million psi and hardness of 85-95 Shore D at 25°C. Also has a Tg of more than 200°C, features a mixed viscosity of 500-1,500cps and offers a long working life after mixing.

Master Bond



Mek EZPro AOI Programming Tool

EZPro software permits preparation of approximately 70% of an AOI program in typically 20 min. using only CAD + Gerber data, eliminating the need for a PCB. Follows a streamlined, programmer-independent procedure to reduce dependency on specific individuals and conduct constant fine-tuning to enhance overall operational efficiency. Features a user-friendly interface that allows users with minimal technical expertise to operate effectively, and uses AI tools to recognize CAD formats and footprints of package types, including multi-panel recognition. Comprehensive AI package recognition extends to all three dimensions of body and lead dimensions for various package types, such as SOPs, SOTs, QFPs and more. Is said to seamlessly integrate across the ISO-Spector true 3-D AOI system and the full range of Mek THT AOI systems.

Marantz Electronics



MVP Versa Duo AOI

Versa Duo AOI features high-resolution optics technologies and a laser profiler to offer advanced inspection across multiple markets. Permits highest defect detection and measurement and traceability in a single platform, and incorporates a precision granite stage to enhance stability and reduce vibrations for heightened positional accuracy. Features advanced laser technology with a repeatability of 0.5µm and has access to MVP’s algorithm capabilities to benefit from decades of defect and measurement-based capabilities.

Machine Vision Products



Mycronic DeepReview ADC System

DeepReview automatic defect classification system leverages AI to reduce false call rates while improving first-pass-yield in 3-D AOI. Allows manufacturers to train neural network on their own inspection data, allowing them to apply, adapt and refine their own defect classification models according to in-house inspection standards – resulting in a reported 50-100% reduction in potential false calls for eligible components. Handles various defect sources such as solder joints, bridges, offsets and coplanarity, with plans to expand package library to cover most electronic components in the near future.




Nordson Synchro 3 Selective Soldering

Synchro 3 selective soldering system offers up to three solder pots to match manufacturing needs for different alloys, and different or singular nozzles. Uses synchronous motion technology to reduce conveyance time and boost throughput by 20-40% for most applications while reducing footprint up to 60%, and is able to handle boards up to 2500 x 460mm. Automatically balances soldering tasks between pots to increase throughput and features process control features as well as point-and-click programming and fiducial finding. Is part of SELECT Synchro series.

Nordson Electronics Solutions



Nordson EFD GVPlus and PROX Dispensers

GVPlus and PROX families of automated fluid dispensing products feature three axes and motion, workspace, repeatability, payload, setup and vision technology enhancements.

GVPlus automated fluid dispensing family features repeatability at 8µm, improving repeatability to ±0.008 mm, as well as easier setup due to a new dual mounting flange that enables a tool payload of up to 4.5kg (10lb.). Also features a working area of 400mm x 400mm, and enhancements to CCD smart vision camera deliver high quality images even on surfaces like glass, mirrors, plastics and nontransparent clear surfaces. Proprietary dispensing software confirms and automatically adjusts as in-process variations occur.

PROX automated fluid dispensing family features new linear motors that offer better actuation speed, reduced maintenance needs and improved durability. Extend a best-in-class X, Y, and Z-axis repeatability of ±0.003mm and the working area is expanded to 500mm x 500mm. Also features a CCD smart vision camera that provides precise, high-quality images that are confirmed by proprietary DispenseMotion software and operates on challenging surfaces like glass, mirrors, plastics and non-transparent clear surfaces.

Nordson EFD



Panasonic NPM-GH Pick-and-Place Machine

NPM-GH is a pick-and-place machine with a mounting accuracy of ±15µm. Uses a smaller and lighter mounting head to achieve high-level productivity of 51,000cph and can also be configured as what is said to be the industry’s first ultra-precise specification (±10µm). Includes an enlarged operation screen featuring an intuitive user interface, making the machine easy to train on and execute operations in real-time.

Panasonic Connect



SASinno iBot-i1/2s Soldering System

iBot-i1/2s soldering system features PC-based control system for accuracy and an intuitive user interface compared to traditional teaching pad-based controls, as well as integrated advanced cameras for both programming and fiducial checking. Also includes a drive system using servo motors and ball screws that eliminate the need for regular tension adjustments common for timing belt-driven stepper motors, and features original JBC solder stations to offer heat recovery and durability. Also offers dual-tip soldering capabilities on a single table to streamline the soldering process.

SASinno Americas




TR7600F3D SII Plus 3-D CT AXI integrates a next-generation 110kv x-ray source and 3-25µm high-resolution detectors and AI-powered inspection algorithms. Is capable of inspection across various components, including BGA, QFN, SiP, PTH, PoP, wire and die bond, and is designed for the inspection of high-reliability electronics manufacturing industries such as advanced packaging, automotive, aerospace and medical. Features EtherCAT for enhanced connectivity and Smart Board Warpage Control, plus integrates with Smart Factory production lines and the MES of user’s choice. Supports current Smart Factory Standards, including IPC-CFX, IPC-DPMX, and The Hermes Standard (IPC-HERMES-9852).



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