Cadence Design Systems OrCAD X ECADOrCAD X Platform is a cloud-enabled system design solution that offers improvements in ease of use, performance, automation and collaboration. Streamlines the system design process and empowers designers through cloud scalability and AI-powered placement automation technology, enabling up to 5X reduction in design turnaround time. Includes layout productivity improvements based on the Cadence Allegro X Platform and provides complete backward data compatibility with OrCAD and Allegro technologies. Improves productivity with real-time access to data management via the Cadence OnCloud Platform, is optimized for small and medium businesses by offering a new, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use PCB layout canvas while retaining the power of industry-proven engines, enables faster time to market through significantly enriched electrical constraints, performance improvements and integration with the broader Cadence system design and analysis portfolio, and cloud-hosted collaboration allows multiple designers to work concurrently on the same layout design.

Cadence Design Systems


DownStream Technologies CAM350 v. 15 CAMCam350 v. 15 introduces a new Stencil Design Tool Kit that facilitates creation of PCB paste mask stencils using imported manufacturing data, as well as new Subscription Products that make design for manufacturing (DfM) accessible to more engineers and designers. Also features user-requested enhancements in Netlist and Design Compare, Auto-Align Layers, Panel Design Integrates with BluePrint-PCB and Cadence Allegro Integration.

DownStream Technologies


DownStream Technologies BluePrint v. 7 Documentation ToolBluePrint v. 7 introduces modifications to reference designation functionality that minimizes rework to PCB assembly drawings after an ECO is performed, and the addition of the Document Compare module that assists users in discerning changes between document package revisions.

DownStream Technologies


Polar Instruments Speedstack Ver. 23_09Speedstack Version 23_09 includes the following enhancements and fixes: 1) Printing: Soldermask-To-Soldermask Thickness Line now correctly aligned when ident/coverlay/peelable is above or below the Soldermask; 2) Printing: Added options to turn off Number of Panels, Circuits Per Panel, Cost Per Circuit that appear under BOM table; 3) Graphics: Fixed the instance of multi-selected materials de-selecting when right-mouse button is clicked on them (to bring up context menu); 4) Drill DRCs now highlight the correct drill in the graphics; 5) BOM Table aligns correctly when BoM is just one line over the page; 6) DRC Added extra data to Drill DRC errors to help identify drill.

Polar Instruments


Stackpole RNCP ResistorsStackpole RNCP thin film chip resistor series now features 1210, 2010, and 2512 sizes. Features high precision with tolerances down to 0.1% and TCR as low as 10ppm, and anti-sulfur capability with shifts of less than 2% under EIA-977 testing. Does not require a lead-containing dielectric glass, providing an RoHS-compliant solution without exemptions, and provides a low-cost, reliable thin-film solution for high-volume products by incorporating high-speed manufacturing processes.

Stackpole Electronics


Stackpole RNCV Thin Film Resistors RNCV resistors utilize thin-film technology to achieve high voltage ratings, high stability, and precision not achievable by thick-film high voltage chip resistors. Offered in the following sizes and voltage ratings: 0805 rated 450V, 1206 rated 700V, 1210 rated 1000V. Resistance values range from 121K to 3M in tolerances down to 0.1%, and TCR as low as 25ppm. Is said to have exceptional stability over industry standard tests, including shifts of less than 0.1% for most and 0.25% for the 85°C/85% relative humidity/10% biased humidity test. Also has anti-sulfur performance with less than 1% shift under ASTM-B-809-95 testing at 105°C.

Stackpole Electronics


Vishay R3T2FPHM3 RectifierR3T2FPHM3 combines a 3A, 600V standard rectifier with a 200W Transzorb TVS in the same FlatPAK 5 x 6 package. Features a temperature range from -55° to +175°C and is suitable for high-reliability automotive applications, including secondary protection for sensor units, distributed airbag modules, and low power DC/DC converters in power distribution systems. Saves PCB space, simplifies layouts, and lowers overall costs by combining two different technologies in a single package. When paired in series with a standard TVS, offers designers a complete >24V solution with a low clamping ratio. Features forward voltage drop of 0.86V and breakdown voltage of 27V. ESD capability complies with IEC 61000-4-2, air discharge and contact mode; MSL moisture sensitivity level of 1 per J-STD-020, LF maximum peak of 260°C; and molding compound features a UL 94 V-0 flammability rating. RoHS-compliant and halogen-free, and comes in AEC-Q101 qualified version.



Zuken CR-8000 2023 ECADCR-8000 2023 features streamlined design sheet integration that allows users to merge sheets from diverse designs, enabling the incorporation of various elements or the utilization of template designs as a solid foundation, as well as a new feature that excludes sensitive information before external sharing and a feature that streamlines documentation by enabling copying, editing and seamless integration of circuits and text elements. Expanded design efficiencies include reuse template routing that allows placement of identical areas of components and routing based on a single instance, plus an interactive contour routing feature that aligns seamlessly with existing patterns and board shape, and a feature that allows users to examine the routing of a trace path by visualizing a cross-sectional view that showcases the trajectory across various layers. Also consolidates signal integrity, power integrity, and EMI analysis tools into new bundles, with enhanced user interaction, MultiCore CPU support, and compatibility with extensive datasets. AI/ML-assisted modeling and new Power Integrity checks elevate design and analysis prowess.



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Astronics APMARS and APDT Tester ATS-AutoPoint Multi-Axis Robotic System (APMARS) and ATS-AutoPoint Desktop (APDT) automatically diagnose circuit board assembly and component malfunctions. Fully automate the test and diagnostic capabilities of Astronics’ PinPoint hardware and TestVue software. Integrate circuit card diagnostic and test requirements, obsolescence issues, and life cycle sustainment needs. ATS-APMARS features dual flying probes that eliminate errors, reduce time of test, and increase system availability, providing greater confidence in test outcomes and required maintenance and support actions. ATS-APDT is a desktop system with a single robotic probe that can be scaled to include a second probe. Either system has optional custom cabinet to contain PinPoint hardware or select third-party instrumentation.



Emil Otto EO-G-005 and EO-G-007 FluxesEO-G-005 wave-soldering flux has relatively high activity despite a low solids content of around 4%. Applicable by spray fluxer, and flux residues are significantly less critical after wave soldering and can be rated as noncorrosive.

EO-G-007 no-clean flux is for wave and selective soldering. Contains organic, halogen-free, activating additives specially adapted for soldering processes. Developed in combination with lead- containing and lead-free solders and specially adapted to soldering thermal requirements, and based on a novel formulation to stabilize and improve application process compared to conventional water- or partial water-based fluxes. Features a solids content of 7%.

Emil Otto


Krylex Kura-Low AdhesiveKura-Low electronics adhesive enables bonding at thermal cure temperatures as low as 60°C. Comes in highly RT-stabilized, one-part, pre-mixed formula. Enables RT stability between three to five days, or up to six weeks depending on the product formula. Available in multiple curing formats: dual cure format, UV + Heat, for camera module, active alignment and lens bonding applications; thermal-cure-only system, for structural bonding applications, e.g., OLED display, enclosure bonding, etc.; and snap cure, for inline processing.



Metcal BVX-250 Fume Extractor BVX-250 Fume Extraction System is a two-port portable fume extractor that offers HEPA filtration and several innovations for changing the filter, exhausting the air, and communicating with the operator. Front-facing filter allows the HEPA filter to be changed quickly without manipulating the system, and the pre-filter is in a separate front-facing compartment and can easily be changed by the operator as needed. Includes a 360˚-rotating exhaust diverter that directs exhaust away from the operator, and also includes new features such as a large LED status ring and direct connectivity to Metcal CV and GT soldering systems, and the ability to enable easy-to-view filter notifications from either touchpoint. Also enables use of a “smart fume extraction” setting when connected to CV or GT soldering system that allows extractor to run only when soldering iron is active.



MRSI 705HF Die BonderMRSI-705HF high-force die bonder is a new variant of the MRSI-705 platform. Comes with heated bond head that can apply up to 500N of force during bonding process, while providing heating up to 400°C from the top. Is for advanced applications such as sintering for power semiconductors and thermocompression bonding for IC packaging. Has flexibility and robustness of MRSI-705 platform, which can handle multiple die and process applications with auto-tool changing and laser soldering, eutectic with top and bottom heating, epoxy stamping, and dispensing in one machine.

MRSI Systems


Shenmao PF734-S Solder SpherePF734-S low-temperature BGA solder sphere is for low-temperature ball attachment processes. Is built upon an improved low-temperature alloy PF734 and outperforms conventional low- temperature alloys like Sn42 and Bi58. Features enhanced mechanical properties, ensuring product reliability under rigorous testing conditions such as thermal cycling and thermal shock. Is complemented by low-temperature no-clean flux SMF-80 and water-soluble flux SMF-WC63.

SMF-80 eliminates post-reflow cleaning while maintaining reliability and insulation with minimal flux residue, and SMF-WC63 is said to offer outstanding cleanability, and any flux residue post-reflow can be easily cleaned with water. Both are halogen-free and fully comply with RoHS, RoHS 2.0, REACH, and other relevant environmental standards.



Rohm BD5310xG-CZ/BD5410xG-CZ ICsBD5310xG-CZ/BD5410xG-CZ series of Hall ICs are for automotive applications requiring magnetic detection. Features a 42V withstand voltage that enables direct connection to a primary (12V battery) power supply and a wide operating supply voltage range of 2.7V to 38V. Unique internal topology is said to reduce power consumption by approximately 20% over general products to achieve a current consumption of 1.9mA. Comply with the AEC-Q100 (Grade 1) automotive reliability standard, while incorporating multiple protection circuits required for vehicle systems. BD5310xG-CZ series is a unipolar detection type, while the BD5410xG-CZ series provides latch-type detection. A total of 11 models offered in detection magnetic flux densities, ranging from 2mT to 28mT.

Rohm Semiconductor


TRI TR7700 SIII Ultra AOITR7700 SIII Ultra incorporates advanced AI algorithms, smart programming, and metrology measurements for precise inspection coverage. Achieves speeds of up to 60 cm2/sec while guaranteeing stability, accuracy, and precision during every inspection cycle. Also comes in dual-lane configuration (TR7700 SIII Ultra DL) to enhance productivity in high-speed inspection scenarios. Integrates seamlessly into smart factories, to empower data-driven decisions and heightened efficiency through real-time SPC trends. Supports current smart factory standards, including IPC-CFX, IPC-DPMX, and IPC-HERMES-9852.

Test Research, Inc.


Vitronics Soltec ZEVAm+ Soldering Machine ZEVAm+ selective soldering machine has been redesigned to accommodate board sizes up to 510mm x 510mm (20in. x 20in.). Designed for high-mix, low-volume manufacture. Prevents bridging for pitches up to 1mm (40mils) pin-to-pin distance even with longer leads and increased drag speed, and enables use of maintenance-free non-wettable nozzles for more consistent soldering results over time. Integrated with a non-wettable nozzle that is 3-D printed from stainless steel and hard chromized for maintenance-free infinite life. Delivers a wider range of flux droplets, increased accuracy, and faster cycle times. Closed-loop flux volume control is available for greater consistency and traceability and a second flux tank allows refilling on-the-fly.

Vitronics Soltec


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